Sega Astro City Mini gets within range with an irresistible offer

You already know that as far as the phenomenon vintage it means, we live in a real fever mini that floods everything practically since Nintendo decided to revive its old NES in November 2016. Since then (almost) all the consoles and computers from the 80s and 90s that you can imagine have had their adaptation to the small format, which includes arcade games as classics like the Sega Astro City.

A machine full of memories

The point is that Sega has also been encouraged to launch old machines in reduced formats, exact replicas of the original models that maintain the same functionality and, apart from its Mega Drive or Game Gear, practically a couple of years ago it made the leap to arcade games, paying homage to one of its most recognizable pieces of furniture of the decade. from the 90’s in the old arcades.

Is about Sega Astro City, a piece of furniture that many of us enjoy of the wonders that that decade left us in terms of video games. from the mythical Virtua Fighter until the bonanza bros, Shadow Dancer, alien syndrome, etc. So holding a slice of that history in our hands, now in 2023, is pretty much a must if you identify with the phenomenon. vintage in video games.

Well, this wonder that went on the market with a slightly high price of almost 200 euros is now available on Amazon with An offer of those that we cannot refuse. because they represent a discount of about 30% in the case of the basic model and 24% in the one that also includes the external gamepad of the arcade (so as not to hit the one that comes standard with the mini-furniture).

What games come in the Sega Astro City?

But here the important thing is not only the machine itself, which has its built-in screen and classic arcade controls with stick with eight directions and six buttons, but rather We can also connect external controls and even take the signal to a television to play it with many more inches and as some of its classics deserve.

SEGA Astro City Mini.

Total, we will have 36 games available, in addition to a very special extra such as the HD version at 720p of the same Virtua Fighterwhich has always been considered a little secret only available to the privileged eyes of Sega itself.

Here you have the list:

  • Alex Kidd with Stella: The Lost Stars
  • Arabian Fight
  • flicky
  • my hero
  • Puyo Puyotsu
  • Quartet 2
  • RadMobile
  • Scramble Spirits
  • Sega Ninja
  • sonic boom
  • Space Harrier
  • Stack Columns
  • Thunder Force AC
  • alien syndrome
  • Alien Storm
  • altered beast
  • Bonanza Bros.
  • columns
  • Columns II: The Voyage Through Time
  • Cotton
  • Crack Down
  • Cyber ​​Police
  • Dark Edge
  • Fantasy Zone
  • Golden Ax
  • Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
  • Gain Ground
  • Puyo Puyo Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R
  • Puzzle & Action: Tant-R
  • Shadow Dancer
  • Shinobi
  • Virtua Fighter
  • wonder boy
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land
  • Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

If you want to get the offer, here below you have both packages lowered of this Sega Astro City Mini on Amazon.

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