SEGA considers investing in new games and studios

Just days after announcing its partnership with Microsoft, SEGA It is once again the center of attention after the publication of the company’s latest annual report. And it is that according to what they share from VGC, SegaSammy, the parent company, it has been revealed that the company is considering investing a total of 100 billion yen (approximately 764.1 million euros) in the development of new games, and even the possibility of acquiring new studios and video game developers, both from Japan and the rest of the world.

A decision that certainly does not go unnoticed, the company currently having a fairly extensive network of studios, considered in fact one of the most powerful of the entire scene, counting on: Creative Assembly, known for the Total War sagas; Sports Interactive, known for Football Managers; Relic Entertainment, with his recently released Age of Empires IV; Atlus, with one of the biggest bets in anime or Japanese-themed games like the Persona saga; Amplitude, known to Humankind; and Two Point, with numerous homonymous simulators like Two Point Hospital.

«The way people interact with games is becoming more diverse and the ecosystem is growing exponentially. In this context, SEGA wants to go beyond the limits of conventional games and take on the challenge of creating supergames that excite the gaming community, which is a network of diverse relationships«, They assured from SegaSammy in their last declarations.

For his part, Yukio Sugino, President and Chief Operating Officer, commented that “these types of acquisitions that definitely improve our functionality will be an important long-term strength, and we will continue to proactively explore investments from this point of view«.

And it is that without a doubt SEGA seems determined to evolve, leaving behind its great past with tough decisions such as the closure of the mythical historical arcade of Tokyo, and taking the initiative to adapt in advance to what seems to be the inevitable future of this industry.

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