Sega launches Mega Drive Mini 2 with 50 built-in games in October 2022

After launching the Mega Drive Mini in 2019, SEGA will return with a new console in mini format at the end of October 2022. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer has confirmed the launch of the Mega Drive Mini 2, which will include titles from the Mega Drive but also Mega CD.

sega mega drive mini 2
Credits: SEGA

In September 2019, Sega entered the miniature console market with the Mega Drive Mini and its 40 built-in games. It must be said that the Japanese manufacturer was rather jealous of the success encountered by Nintendo with the mini editions of the NES and the Super NES. In 2020, rumors suggested that Sega could give a second life to the DreamCast in mini format. But ultimately, that won’t be the case.

Sega launches the Mega Drive Mini 2

Indeed, the Japanese firm has just confirmed the launch of the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 on October 27, 2022 in Japan. It will be displayed at a price of 9,980 Y, i.e. 71 € after conversion. According to Sega’s details, the Mega Drive Mini 2 will include around fifty titles from the Mega Drive catalogbut also that of the Mega CD. It is one of the first consoles to use CDs, alongside the PC Engine.

Sold at a particularly high price when it was released in France in particular, the Mega CD did not enjoy great commercial success, the fault in particular of a limited library of games composed mainly of shovelware, in other words already existing games on which we have grafted some minor improvements such as a soundtrack or cutscenes.

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sega mega drive mini 2
Credits: SEGA

List of the first games available on the Mega Drive Mini 2

For the moment, SEGA has not yet unveiled the complete list of games included in the Mega Drive Mini 2. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has disclosed the identity of a few titles, here they are:

  • Silpheed (MegaCD)
  • Shining Force (MegaCD)
  • Sonic CD (MegaCD)
  • Mansion of Hidden Souls (Mega CD)
  • Potful Mail (Mega CD)
  • Virtua Racing (MegaCD)
  • Bonanzo Bros (Mega Drive)
  • Shining in the Darkness (Mega Drive)
  • Thunder Force IV (Mega Drive)
  • Magical Taruruto (Mega Drive)
  • Fantasy Zone (new Mega Drive port)

Regarding this last game, the Fantasy Zone moose was never released on Mega Drive. The version provided on the Mega Drive Mini 2 is a new port based on the sequel to this episode. know Super Fantasy Zone. If you’re excited to get your hands on the Mega Drive Mini 2, you’ll have to calm your ardor. In effect, Sega has yet to confirm the launch in Western markets.

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