Sega promises to listen to fans regarding NFTs

Sega studio could put their NFT project on hold depending on fan reaction. Will Sonic make his entry into the blockchain?

Back in May, when the NFT craze was still in its infancy, Sega was one of the first video game studios to officially jump into the crypto realm. The firm then announced that it was partnering with the Japanese startup Double Jump.Tokyo, whose mission was to create NFTs in the image of Sonic, based on Flow, a blockchain developed by Dapper Labs. However, the reception by fans of the license was not very warm.

Mixed reactions from fans

It was only several months after that Sega CEO Haruki Satomi said he wanted to take player opinions into account, whether positive or negative. In an interview with Tweak Town media, he explains that “ As far as NFT is concerned, we would like to try various experiments and we have already started a lot of studies and reflections, but nothing is decided at this stage regarding play-to-earn games.

There have already been many announcements about this, including overseas, but some users have shown negative reactions at this point. There are many things that we need to carefully consider, such as how to mitigate the negatives, the extent to which we can bring NFTs into Japanese regulations, or what will and what will not be accepted by them. users.

As you can see, for the moment nothing has been decided. Sega still weighs the pros and cons, the positive and negative opinions, and especially the feasibility of the project or not from a technical and legislative point of view. On this point, the studio seems much less advanced than other players in the video game industry, such as Ubisoft, which launched its own playable NFT platform a few weeks ago.

A very lucrative business?

Sega concludes her interview by stating that ” if this is seen as just a way to make money, I will make the decision not to prosecute “. Indeed, this is the main argument advanced by the detractors of the technology, who do not see a great interest in owning a virtual work. However, NFTs also make many people happy, and play-to-earn games, in particular, are attracting more people.

If the future of Sega on the blockchain is therefore very uncertain, others already constitute their small empire, such as Peter Molyneux and his very lucrative NFT game (for him) or even Konami, which will launch on January 12 a collection of 14 NFT bearing the image of the Castlevania license. Others have already given up for lack of encouragement from the players. This is the case of the developers of STALKER 2 who gave in to complaints from fans before the game’s release.

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