Segway-Ninebot opens its office in Spain

The manufacturer of electric mobility solutions, Segway-Ninebot, has chosen the city of Barcelona to locate the commercial office of its Iberia team, with the aim of making the leap to the Spanish and Portuguese market. With a team of seven people specialized in electronic products and the motorcycle business, from marketing and sales to the after-sales department, the company plans to boost its strategy and distribution structure of the full range of products, in both countries. .

After the success achieved in Benelux and Germany, where in just nine months Segway-Ninebot has positioned itself as the market leader in both categories of electric scooters and mopeds, the company has set its sights on Spain due to the unprecedented change that is being carried out in terms of mobility. Both public administrations and users are betting on more sustainable mobility, and the company wants to lead this transformation.

We are very proud to lead the global market. We are part of the rapid development of short-distance, green, emission-free urban electric mobility. We are also leading the way for future solutions, integrating AI (artificial intelligence) into our products to improve people’s lives.”comment Marc Farre, Country Manager of Segway-Ninebot in our country. “We see in Spain a market with great projection and possibilities; therefore, choosing Barcelona as the city to open the new office and strengthen the Iberia area will offer us many opportunities at a strategic level”, adds Farre.

A past of history, to reinvent itself

The options for driving around big cities have multiplied in recent years. There is a wide range of options, from the most traditional vehicles, such as motorcycles or cars, to the most modern models such as electric scooters and personal mobility vehicles.

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In its beginnings, Segway proposed last mile solutions before any other company, showing itself as a pioneering brand in the sector. In fact, the company supplied airport security and the police with the most revolutionary personal mobility vehicles of the time, the self-balancing Segway. It was an electric device that had two side wheels and, for its use, had a self-balancing or dynamic stabilization system.

Since then, the technology company has not stopped creating new products, from leisure vehicles to children’s products, but above all, mobility solutions that allow people to get around in a more practical way. Currently, arrives in Spain with new sustainable urban mobility products. Among these, its line of electric scooters and its wide range of premium scooters stand out, with the F series being the company’s flagship.

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