Semiconductor sales will grow 11% in 2022

According to the forecasts of the consultancy IC Insights, the semiconductor sales will grow in this year 2022 by 11%, until reaching 680.600 million dollars, after having experienced a growth of 25% in 2021. This is reflected in the company’s January Semiconductor Industry Flash Report, dedicated to the state of the semiconductor sector.

Sales increases are expected in all the main product categories, which will propel the market to record revenues in 2022. All despite the fact that the sales growth rate will be lower than that registered in 2021, year in which that there was a major rebound in the economy.

Revenue from sales of integrated circuits will count, if all goes according to forecasts, with an increase of 11% in sales, leading the category to record revenues of $ 565.1 billion in 2022. The rest of the semiconductor market, which includes optoelectronics, sensors and activators and discrete semiconductors (OSD devices), also has a projected growth in sales of 11%, reaching record revenues of $ 115.5 billion.

In the economic rebound of 2021, even the sales of many widely used semiconductor products could not meet the demand of system and equipment manufacturers, including car manufacturers, who have since had all kinds of problems in meeting the demand. demand for units. On the other hand, the purchase of integrated circuit units rose 22% in 2021, while the purchase of OSD devices improved 20%. These are quite remarkable improvements, especially if one takes into account that over the last 10 years, sales of integrated circuits have registered an average growth rate of 7.4%, and those of OSD devices have done so by 4, 7%.

Total, More than 1.3 trillion semiconductor devices are expected to be sold by 2022 integrated. Of the total, 432,000 million will be integrated circuits, and 889,300 million OSD devices. These figures represent an increase of 10% for both segments.

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