Semper Fi: The screenwriter of Saving Private Ryan working on a new war movie

Robert Rodat, the screenwriter of Save Private Ryan, is currently developing a new film titled Semper Fi, which tells the true story of the Marine Thomas Schueman and its extraordinary Afghan interpreter Zainulla Zaki.

Saving Private Ryan screenwriter is hard at work on Semper Fi, a new war film based on a true story

The story is set during the fierce fighting in the Helmand province of Afghanistan when Schueman and Zaki “They formed an indissoluble brotherhood that transcended the differences in their cultures and ethnicities. After returning to the United States, Schueman tried unsuccessfully to help Zaki and his family leave Afghanistan. This summer, as the United States withdrew from Afghanistan, Zaki and his family were targeted by the Taliban for their involvement with US forces. Schueman’s devotion to his partner and his struggle to save him, his wife and his four children led to a heartbreaking escape and a daring rescue at Kabul airport ”.

Rodat is writing the script, funded by Michael and Carole Marks, who will serve as executive producers. Rodat has written over the years too The Patriot, Fly Away Home, The Command aka Kursk, The Catcher Was a Spy, Tall Tale, The Comrades of Summer, The Ripper And 36 Hours to Die. He also co-wrote Thor: The Dark World and he also created the TNT television series Falling Skies.


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