Semrush buys marketing company Traffic Think Tank

The Saas Semrush platform has just taken another step in its growth strategy and has acquired Traffic Think Tank (TTT)a specialist marketing training organization providing premium content for global marketers.

With over 300 hours of content delivered by over 90 industry experts, the TTT Academy is one of the most respected digital marketing training resources in the world. In addition to its vast library of content, TTT offers a members-only expert community via Slack, available to help answer questionsserve as a sounding board and connect with other professionals in the global marketing industry.

“The acquisition of Traffic Think Tank marks another milestone in Semrush’s commitment to helping marketers at every step of their career path,” said Andrew Warden, Semrush’s director of marketing. “Improving brands’ online visibility has never been more important, and we are simply thrilled to bring TTT and its incredible content and culture to Semrush.”

Traffic Think Tank was created in 2017 by a small group of marketing experts looking for like-minded professionals facing similar challenges. In just three months, the community grew to over 300 people and offered hours of on-demand training.

In 2020, Slack’s private community hosted nearly 1,000 people, facilitating real-time Q&A sessions with some of the brightest minds in the industry. As of February 2023, TTT delivers over 300 hours of educational videos, on-demand courses, and tens of thousands of messages per month.

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“Semrush is the go-to platform for digital marketers, whether they’re just starting out, updating, or improving their knowledge, so naturally we’re excited to join the Semrush family”said Matthew Howell-Barby. “We chose to partner with Semrush because of their world-class suite of products and their relentless focus on making marketing easy and more effective for their clients. The wealth of knowledge of our TTT experts and our extensive library of content will further enhance Semrush Academy to provide new training for marketers and further enhance existing modules.”

New skills and perfection of the trade

The acquisition of TTT allows Semrush Academy to grow so that marketers can learn new skills and hone their craft with access to communities focused on SEO, content marketing, social media, digital public relations and PPCwith the support of thought leaders and industry founders.

TTT’s mission will continue, and its community will be able to benefit from the content and resources already produced by the Semrush Academy, as well as new content and additional sessions from industry experts. This is Semrush’s most recent acquisition, preceded by Backlinko in January 2022, which added a globally respected SEO training resource to Semrush Academy.

The arrival of TTT co-founders Matthew Howells-Barby, Nick Eubanks and Ian Howells to the Semrush Academy ecosystem will help fuel the continued community growth Semrush developing original content, as well as continuing to participate in the TTT community discussions.

Semrush has ambitious goals to establish a self-paced, personalized and comprehensive online training platform, setting a new benchmark for digital marketing education, and aiming to deliver a premium experience for marketers across the board. world level.

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