Semrush guarantees days off to its employees, above the PTO limit

The online visibility platform, Semrush, has announced “Trust PTO”a more flexible and progressive improvement of its traditional policy of paid time off (PTO). The new global benefit grants eligible employees days off in excess of the PTO day limit that may be prescribed by local law.

Semrush believes that to perform at their best, an employee should have as much time as they need to unplug and recharge. The idea behind this new structure is not just to recognize employees for their hard work, but to highlight the importance of work-life balance. The concept leaves employees more space for their interests, hobbies and needs, and it gives them the opportunity to use their free time as they wish.

«Eliminating the idea of ​​limited paid time off for vacation, sickness, and various personal arrangements is an expected step in building a strong work culture.” says Tatiana Starikova, Semrush CHRO. «It works exactly the same as any other PTO policy, but the main difference is that there is no limit to the number of days an employee can take.”

If an employee does not want to use this new benefit to its full extent, the company will encourage them to take a minimum number of days off (as defined by local law) to maintain your mental health and work-life balance. “Work results, goal achievement and team performance are constant for Semrush, but giving employees freedom, confidence and satisfaction will always be our top priority,” adds Starikova.

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