Send your Excel complaints and suggestions to Microsoft with this feature

All these software solutions focus on offering all the most important functionalities related to the climate world for both companies and end users. Depending on the type of work that we are going to carry out or need, we can opt for one software or another.

In this case we are going to focus on one of the most complete and at the same time feared of those available in this suite. In particular we refer to the spreadsheet program known throughout the world, Excel. This is an application that, as many of you know, focuses on working with numerical data. But at the same time it allows us to use many other elements such as Photographs, videos, graphics, formulas, etc.

Function to submit Excel complaints to Microsoft

However, despite everything that this program presents us and its reliability, that does not mean that it is free of faults and improvements. Therefore, if we add to this the widespread use of the program throughout the globe, Microsoft you must take special care in its maintenance. This is something that is largely achieved through the regular updates that the firm periodically sends to the program.

In this way, errors that have been detected recently are corrected as well as new functionalities are added. However, as is often the case with such important applications, users always want to go one step further. Microsoft, aware of all this, offers us a functionality incorporated in the application itself to present complaints, show preferences or send suggestions to the company itself. This is something that we find from the start as soon as we install the application on our computer without the need to use additional software.

First of all, we must know that this function that we refer to in these lines can be found in the section on Excel Comments.

Enter Spreadsheet Program Comments

Once we know that this functionality is available to us whenever we need it, let’s see how we can take advantage of it. We achieve this by opening the spreadsheet program in a conventional way, and clicking on the File menu of its main interface. Then in screen A series of options related to the application will appear, and at the bottom we find a one called Comments, which is precisely the one that interests us in this case.

This will give us way to a new window in which we find the three options that interest us the most now in order to be able to contact the Redmond firm directly. Of course, depending on the type with comment we want to share, we click on one of the shortcuts or another. It should be noted that we found one to communicate our preference for a specific functionality, another for the opposite, and a third to send suggestions. In this way, as we mentioned before, we can establish direct communication with the software giant from the program itself.

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