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Millions of people in our country are looking for work right now, focused on their knowledge or whatever comes up. The usual thing in these cases is that we are signed up for the SEPEwhich also helps us in these tasks, for example with some interesting free courses.

Depending on our studies and experience, these elements of training They can help us find a job. Of course, we must also do our part. The truth is that the search for a new job, or our first job, can become a tedious and complicated task. However, it is something that will directly affect our future, so we should not take the job search very seriously.

In these same lines we are going to show you a series of aids in the form of courses that at this moment will surely help you to pave the way. Specifically, we are referring to a set of free courses offered by SEPE itself or the Public State Employment Service that we can take advantage of directly at home. Obviously in these lines we are going to talk about courses focused, in one way or another, on the technology sector. In this way you can become programmers of the future, work in an officebecome administrators of a company, and much more.

Specifically, we are referring to six free courses provided by different companies, which SEPE offers us for free this month.

Free courses offered by SEPE

We must also bear in mind that these courses can help us, even if we have a job, to specialize or broaden our knowledge.

  • LinkedIn: having a good profile and knowing how to navigate this social network to find a job is very important. Here we have a 2-hour course to learn all your basic concepts.
  • WordPress: if you are considering setting up your own content blog or design web pages, this course will be key. It must be said that it lasts 30 hours and a good part of the secrets of the WordPress editor will not be taught even if we do not have prior knowledge of it.
  • Digital marketing: in the event that our interests are directed more towards the marketing sector, here you have at your disposal a 130 hour course that will allow you to enter this interesting world with many professional opportunities.
  • Programming: it is very possible that many of you at some point have considered entering the sector of programming and application development. Well, maybe this is the moment to carve out a future for you as programmers and find a job in a company related to it. This 40-hour course can be a good starting point for our professional future.
  • Microsoft 365: everything related to the office automation It is important if we want to work in an office as administrators, for example. This Microsoft suite course that lasts 4 hours and will be very useful.
  • Web analytics: it may also be the case that you want to become a real internet professionalso you will love this 30-hour web analytics course.

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