Sepiia doubles sales in 2022 and closes a round of 1.9 million euros

Sepiia, the Spanish smart fashion firm, has just closed a round of financing of 1.9 million euros with the support of such powerful investors as Fondo Bolsa Social and Faraday.

After the success that the round is having, with 90% closedthe brand made in Spain open only the remaining 10% through Bolsa Social, a participatory financing platform, so that micro-investors can participate, with a minimum entry of 1,125 euros.

After a year of triumphs doubling sales by two, the brand has new challenges for this 2023. In addition to continuing to grow, they are committed to take your products to more physical stores, both own and multi-brand. Thus, they set course for 6 million in billing for the new academic year that is beginning and plan to open 2 more physical stores, joining the one on the street vegetable garden de Madrid that has been profitable since the first month.

Sepiia, which was born to revolutionize the world of fashion through its smart garments, will continue to develop new technological proposals, betting on sustainable fashion and responsible use. And it is that the firm always advocates for the environment through circularity in its processes and materials. Thus, the brand has managed to establish itself in the Spanish market with garments with anti-stain and anti-wrinkle qualities through timeless basics designed to last, made with a fabric that requires fewer washes and no ironing.

The brand has developed from dress or casual shirts for them, to others like their new travel blazer or his long-awaited first suit that neither stains nor wrinkles. For them, dress shirts, perfect for both a work meeting or an afterwork and thus become the best option for any occasion. For this year, they hope to continue expanding their men’s and women’s collections, with new garments such as pants, hoodies and new jackets.

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