Series that could not exist before social networks

Social networks, problems or benefits?

Before showing you which are those series whose plot is based on or makes a lot of use of social networks, we wanted to discuss with you a little debate on a very hot topic. What do you think about social networks?Do you think they bring more positive or negative aspects?

It is true that now that we have them, knowing how friends, family or acquaintances are or where they are is easier than ever (as long as that person shares things through networks, of course). In addition, the exposure that these services generate is spectacular to publicize a brand, business or a project in which you are working as long as you do things well on these social networks.

But, on the other hand, there are some things that can be noticed in the behavior of the users who use them that we do not like so much and that we believe are not positive at all:

  • The time of attention, especially in the youngest, is getting shorter. This leads to them constantly wanting a new update, new content, new users to follow, etc. Even that they stop appreciating certain things or the value it is giving them to find the “novelty.”
  • Idealisms are neither good nor realistic, but this seems to be overlooked on social media. Users of applications such as Instagram sell a perfect life image every day, even if those are not their lives, cars, houses and others in reality. This, again, generates a need (especially in young people) to want to achieve that image at all costs. Even, even if they are real, it gives the impression that everything is jauja and that it has not cost him effort. Something that, once again, negatively affects the rest of the users who do not see (or do not want to see it) all the effort behind that beautiful photo on a paradisiacal beach.
  • A percentage of people who use social networks take advantage of the “anonymity” that the Internet gives them to harm, criticize or make fun of others.

Perhaps for these reasons in many of the series that we will see below (especially in one, in which it is taken to the darkest extreme) there is more a review What a praise to these internet services.

Best series based on social networks

Having talked about the subject a little, it is time for us to show you a compilation with the best series based on social networks that you will be able to see if you like this theme. The truth is that many of them are very interesting and, they may even give you another approach that you had not taken into account until now about social networks.

Black mirror

The first series that we want to introduce you to, although you probably already knew about it, is about Black mirror. It is a British fiction series that consists of 5 seasons, with a total of 22 episodes, in which each story is completely different from the previous chapter but they do have one point in common: the dystopian life that we could have ( or even certain aspects that we are already experiencing) with technological advances, the abuse of the internet and social networks.

Although it is true that the section on how social networks could affect us is not present in all the content in a clear way, there is a specific episode whose epicenter is based on this. This is the first episode of the third season, whose title is “Plummeting”. In this the life of Lacie is narrated, a young woman in a world obsessed by social networks in which to “rise” socially to certain circles, she needs to earn a series of points in said networks. This leads him to have to continually update his status with very happy photos and videos, not being able to answer badly to anyone (if he does not want to receive negative popularity points) and other series of actions that, although they seem positive, make life become in a fantasy mask for the world.

  • Availability: Netflix
  • Seasons: 5 seasons, with a total of 22 episodes
  • Duration: between 41 – 89 minutes


The series of You It is another of those that would lose a certain meaning without the presence of social networks. The central plot of this one is the obsession of Joe, apparently a quiet manager of a bookstore, when he falls in love with a young woman who walks into his store. This obsession leads him to do a deep research on her through the internet and his social networks. The use of these networks allows you to know many important data about the girl such as where she is, with whom or even where she lives. Joe could do anything for that girl to get into a relationship with her, even kill someone.

  • Availability: Netflix
  • Seasons: 2 seasons, with a total of 20 episodes
  • Duration: between 42 – 50 minutes

Years and Years

Another very interesting series is Years and Years. In it we can see what a very dystopian future could be like in which violence against minorities, quite media leaders, a precarious life, financial crisis and a lot of other negative aspects in society is present. Among all these problems is the abuse of social networks, especially among the young population, and how it affects them. The problem even floods “normal life” with the development of screens that are used as masks and put social media filters on people’s faces, distorting the way we see society.

  • Availability: HBO
  • Seasons: 1 season, with a total of 6 episodes
  • Duration: between 56 – 59 minutes

Don’t Touch Cats: An Internet Killer

In the case of the following content, we find a documentary as a fictional miniseries on Netflix. His name is “Don’t Touch Cats: An Internet Killer»And tells a story of an individual who uploads a series of videos to social networks in 2010 choking some cats. As often happens on the internet, these videos go viral quite quickly, causing outrage and anger among many people. Some of them decide to create a Facebook group in which they look for clues as to who the creator of those videos is, which will take years. All this investigation will cause more damage, anger, trips from one place to another and a certain skepticism in the police who see everything that is happening from the outside. In short, this is where you see criticism on both sides of the coin on social media.

  • Availability: Netflix
  • Seasons: 1 season, with a total of 3 episodes
  • Duration: between 57 – 65 minutes


If you are from the time of the 2,000, surely the series of icarly. A sitcom created for teenagers and broadcast on Nickelodeon. In it we see the life of Carly, a teenage girl who, together with her friends, end up becoming stars at the beginning of something similar to YouTube. Unknown to both girls, Freddie, a friend of the two, records them in a performance for a talent show and uploads the video to the internet. Suddenly, this video has a spectacular success in social networks at that time, so Carly and Sam (accompanied in the technological part of their friend) create the iCarly program. But of course, as often happens with internet fame, they will have to deal with the typical problems of the mass audience.

This series ended a few years ago but, by surprise, we now know that there will be a new season in 2021 in which we will see these protagonists in the present, with all the changes that this entails.

Emily in Paris

Finally, there is the series of Emily in Paris. In it we will learn about Emily’s life or, rather, the radical change in Emily’s life with her move from New York to Paris, the city of love. This girl is hired by a prestigious marketing company and, in turn, carries out her work on her own social networks as a fashion influencer. These will make you grow professionally, at the same time that they will generate some other problems in your life.

  • Availability: Netflix
  • Seasons: 1 season, with a total of 10 episodes
  • Duration: between 24 – 34 minutes

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