ServiceNow integrates generative AI into workflows with its Vancouver cloud platform

ServiceNow has updated its cloud platform, Now Platformwhich from now on It will be called Vancouver. Among its main novelties is the Expansion of its capacity thanks to Now Assist, generative AI solutions. These new features are available for IT service management, customer service management, HR service delivery, and Creator developer solutions.

The solutions integrate generative AI into all platform workflows to improve productivity, increase agility, and enhance the employee and business experience. These new Now Assist features are based on the ServiceNow large language model, which they have named Now LLM. It is domain-specific, designed for enterprises, and optimized to ensure accuracy and data privacy.

The goal of integrating generative AI into ServiceNow Vancouver capabilities is to drive growth and reduce costs for businesses across all functions, while optimizing performance and complying with all ServiceNow controls for ethical and responsible development and use.

Among the generative AI functions that Now Assist incorporates are the summary of cases, incidents and agent chats, virtual agent and search capabilities for multiple function scenarios. Thus, all employees of a company can take advantage of the possibilities it offers to carry out their tasks with more agility and efficiency.

Now Assist for ITSM Enables IT managers to improve agent productivity and employee experience with faster decisions and resolutions. Summaries of incident history and real-time virtual agent interaction provide complete answers instead of search results. This way, agents can resolve issues and requests more quickly. You can also create contextual summaries of incidents and resolution notes.

As to Now Assist for CSM, streamlines the customer service process, improving your experience and saving costs. Generate case summaries and chats, reducing manual work and enabling customer issues to be resolved faster and with a better service experience. Now Assist for Human Resources Helps people and talent management employees drive productivity and efficiency in operations. Reduce repetitive, manual tasks for HR teams and deliver the answers you need quickly.

Provides the opportunity to manage everything from payroll discrepancies to changes in documentation, thanks to the consultation of instant summaries of case topics and the previous history of interactions with live chat and the virtual agent, as well as previous resolutions and the measures taken. On the other hand, Now Assist for Creator Helps designers develop and scale applications faster. It is trained with code designed by ServiceNoe, which improves the results, which are more scalable and secure than other code generation technologies.

In addition, it includes a text-to-code function, which converts what is written in natural language into high-quality suggestions to convert into code. In some cases, it also offers recommendations for completing that code.

Apart from the large language models, domain-specific LLMs are integrated into the platform. Are designed to encompass ServiceNow workflows, use cases and processes and tailored to the needs of agents, employees, customers and IT experts who use the platform.

Vancouver also delivers improvements in security and governance, simplifies essential processes for healthcare and finance companies, and accelerates talent development through AI. ServiceNow Zero-Trust Access focuses on helping customers build a zero-trust framework for the platform through granular authentication policies. Adapts the level of user access protection in each session by analyzing different risk parameters: location, network, user and device risk.

With Clinical Device ManagementServiceNow’s clinical device management solution simplifies how healthcare providers install and manage devices like MRI and X-ray machines. It automates their maintenance and management, guides staff in requesting quotes, and identifies the best technicians to maintain devices.

Finally, the solution Employee Growth and Development Provides support to managers in meeting the needs of their teams. Use AI to collect, validate and update employee skills data, providing greater visibility and knowledge of workforce capabilities for managers. The new generative AI features of the Vancouver version of the ServiceNow Now Platform will be available in the ServiceNow Store for all customers starting September 29.

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