Sessions: Vi, safe music for Twitch from the creators of LoL

Music, copyright and video platforms

Anyone who has created content, regardless of almost what video platform it ended up being published on, will know that one of the biggest headaches is what music to use. Most offer their own libraries or collections with songs that in theory they should not generate any kind of problem because its use was agreed with the record companies. The problem is that sometimes this is twisted and they are forced to remove any content that makes use of them.

To solve these problems, many users opt for music services that through a monthly subscription allow access to a fairly wide music catalog that guarantees variety and also zero problems with licensing issues. Of course, not everyone is willing or able to pay for them.

That is why the new proposal from Riot Games is interesting. The developers of the popular game League of Legends have released an album with music content creators can use for free on your Twitch, YouTube or any other video platform. This way they can forget about possible claims and lose both the monetization of the content as well as the traffic and visibility it brings them.

Sessions: Vi

The album released by Riot is Sessions: Vi, a production composed of 37 tracks that have been created by producers such as Junior State, Laxcity, Chromonicci and Tennyson with a lo-fi style. In total, one hour and forty minutes of music that you can use without problem live on Twitch, YouTube videos, as well as content that you can upload to platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, etc.

In a quick listening, most of the songs surely fit perfectly for the video style of many users and especially those who perform live and want to have something that sounds in the background, at a very low volume, but providing that point that makes the direct itself is somewhat more enjoyable when there are certain habitual silences.

So if you’re a streamer or content creator, you should give the entire album a listen. Surely a topic suits you for a future project or videos. And if it were not like that for whatever reason, be careful because it does not seem that it will be the last album of this type that Riot Games releases for its safe use in the creation of audiovisual material.

You can listen to the album on platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music and deezer through the links you will find here.

By the way, as a curiosity, the album also has a point of connection with the characters of the game and this time it seems that it serves to reflect how it is , a criminal with high-tech fists who moves through the streets of Zaun.

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