Set up various network configuration profiles on your Windows PC

Programs to create profiles

Next, we are going to show you some programs that will allow us to create basic or advanced profiles of our local network. Depending on what you need, you can choose some programs or others.

Easy Net Switch

Easy Net Switch is a paid program that will allow us to control in detail all the network profiles of our Windows operating system. It is one of the most complete programs that exist today to create network profiles, it is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 11, in fact, it has a somewhat old graphical user interface that is very reminiscent of the popular Windows Xp. This program allows a command line mode to execute commands through the cmd for advanced users, it will also allow us to configure a large number of aspects related to the network such as IP, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS servers, We also have the possibility to configure the WiFi, VPN, Proxy profiles that we have in the company or home, and much more.

On the official website of the program we will have all the features of its latest version, and we can also see a button to download the executable and install it on our computer.

When we download the executable and open it, we will get a small step-by-step installation wizard, the usual in the Windows operating system. All we have to do is click on “Next” to go through the different menus, what we have to do is choose the installation path and finally click on “Install” to run as administrator and proceed with the installation.

Once it is installed, we proceed to open the program. We can see a very simple graphical user interface, all we have to do is click on “New” to create a new profile and continue with the configuration wizard, we will create the profile and later we can edit it with the parameters that we want. Each and every one of the parameters is completely optional, we can only configure the IP address, and not configure the VPN, Proxy or WiFi, however, we can also configure all this easily and quickly.

If we go into the “Network” section we will be able to see that we have the possibility of configuring the IP addressing with the DNS, or obtaining the IP address through the DHCP server of the main router. We also have the possibility to click on the “Advanced” section and configure the WINS, NetBIOS, physical MAC address that we can change on demand, and we also have additional options such as flushing the DNS cache, solving etc.

If we want to create WiFi wireless profiles we will also be able to do it, we simply have to indicate the SSID network name or scan the WiFi networks around us to define a profile, in addition, we can also configure that it uses specific WiFi options instead to use the auto detection method of the operating system. In the WiFI profile we can not only define the SSID network name, but also everything related to authentication with PSK (Pre-Shared Key) and even RADIUS since it also supports all robust authentication protocols.

If we proceed to apply the configuration, it will tell us if any step has failed or all have been completed successfully. In addition, we will get a small summary in a pop-up window, where we will be able to see everything that the program has done and the changes applied.

Other configuration options are those related to the work Proxy server, in case we need to authenticate ourselves in the Proxy to access the Internet, here we can automate this authentication. We also have the possibility of configuring the Dial-UP and the VPN of the operating system, all of this from this program in a simple way. Xanax bars

The number of configuration options that this program offers us is really high, this allows us to automate the execution of the different network profiles, regardless of what options you want to define, and we have a large number of options. Next, we indicate everything you can configure with this program:

  • Network: at the level of IP addressing, DNS, WINS and more.
  • proxy.
  • Default printer.
  • Mapping of network units.
  • VPN configuration.
  • Shared folders on local network.
  • Static routes on the computer
  • mail client
  • Run certain scripts or commands
  • Configure the Windows firewall specifically
  • Configure the hosts file of the equipment.
  • Configure ini files
  • Define the time zone and hour.
  • Other options.

In the main status menu we can see the network card that we are currently using, and we can also see the IP address and other information of the network card. In the “Tools” section we can access an integrated ping and traceroute, which is basically the same as what we already have in the Windows operating system. Finally, in the “Desktop” section we have the possibility of taking a widget to the desktop to show us the information related to the current IP address that we have.

In the “Options” menu we have the main options of the Easy Net Switch program, such as automatically activating with the start of the Windows operating system, minimizing it directly to the taskbar icon, disabling the auto detection of the wireless network and others. important options. Finally, we also have the possibility of defining a password to access the program, with the aim that no one makes any configuration without our permission.

As you can see, Easy Net Switch is one of the most complete programs that currently exist, and one of the most recommended because it has a huge number of configuration options available.


This program TCP/IPManager it is completely free, in addition, it is open source. This program will allow us to create unlimited network profiles, we will be able to configure different IP addresses, masks, gateways, DNS servers, configure proxy options, the name of the work group, and we will even be able to configure the MAC address that we want on the network card (performs MAC Spoofing). For the most advanced users, this program allows you to configure batch files from the network profiles, in addition, we will be able to import the current configuration of the system to apply it later and make it exactly the same as what we have right now.

This program will allow us to switch between profiles very easily and quickly, either through the program itself or with hotkeys, ideal for changing profiles whenever we want. Other options that we have in this program is that the graphical user interface is very fast and easy to use, it will also take care of receiving the necessary updates via the web, without having to manually download the program.

Although the latest version is many years old, it still works perfectly on the latest versions of Windows operating system.

IP Shifter

This program IP Shifter It is similar to the previous ones, if we need to configure the local network in detail, this program is also very interesting, although logically it does not have as many options as the first one. This program is completely free, it is compatible with operating systems Windows XP and above, so it is also compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11 without problems. This program allows us to make the following configurations:

  • Change network settings at the IP, mask, gateway and DNS level, without the need to reboot.
  • It supports different network adapters, whether they are Ethernet or WiFi.
  • Supports Proxy settings from different web browsers including Edge and also Firefox among others.
  • It integrates additional tools such as the ping command, and it is also capable of detecting all the computers that we have in the home local network.
  • It detects the public IP address of our PC on the Internet.

Although this program is quite simple, we are sure that it will serve you perfectly to carry out basic configurations at the network level.


NetSetMan It is a program very similar to the first one, but it is completely free, although it has a paid version that will allow us to configure even more options, so it is a really good alternative and one that you should take into account. This program will allow us to carry out a large number of configuration options, such as the following:

  • IP addresses, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS servers.
  • Workgroup
  • default printer
  • network drives
  • Routing table
  • SMTP server
  • Configure the hosts file
  • Set PC name, MAC address, network card status.
  • Configure the Ethernet network card speed, duplex, MTU, VLAN etc.
  • Allows you to define the VPN server settings.
  • Run scripts in bat, vs, js and more.
  • Run other programs.
  • Manage WiFi network settings.
  • Many other configuration options.

The “Pro” version allows us to configure the proxy service and network domains, two options that are very business-oriented, hence only the paid version has this functionality. Of course, it can’t be used on a business-oriented Windows Server either. The free version is limited to 8 profiles maximum, however the Pro version has unlimited profiles.

As you have seen, today we have several totally free and other paid solutions, in order to create different network profiles, in this way, you can switch between networks really quickly.

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