Settings to improve the use of the Windows Start menu

Having a more customizable Start menu adapted to our needs can help us to have a more efficient way of working for our day to day, making it a really useful element.

Organization of the Start menu

Regarding the organization of the Start menu we find a narrow panel on the left with the Windows logo. Here we find the most important menu items, such as the account, settings and power options. In the part center-left we find a list with all the applications. This is ordered by those that we added more recently on the back and then they appear in alphabetical order. Finally, in the largest panel that occupies the part center-right is the one that contains the colored tiles, distributed by sections and labeled as Create, Explore, etc.

When we run Windows 10 for the first time, this is the default aspect that we are going to find. Although the customization options are not extreme, we can make some changes to improve your organization, so that we can make it more useful and accessible.

Changes to make for optimization

Once we know how the Start menu is organized, we can proceed to make some changes to improve its optimization to make it more usable. We can start with change its color next to the taskbar and window borders. This is something that we can do from the “Settings” and “Personalization” menu where we can choose the accent color that we like the most. We can also activate that both Home, the taskbar and the activity center are transparent.

Mosaics are an important part of this menu. We can pin an app in the right panel as a mosaic, just by right-clicking on it and clicking on «Anchor to start». We can also resize of the mosaics. To do this, we right-click on any of them and use “Change size”, being able to choose between “small”, “medium” or “large”. If we want to move them, just click and hold while dragging it to another part of the menu.

Settings and Start

If we have an overloaded Start menu, we can expand it again from the «Settings» in the «Personalization» section, activating «Show more tiles». These tiles can also be grouped together in the form of folders. To do this, simply drag a tile over another tile to create a folder. In this way we can have the mosaics arranged by theme.

If, despite the changes, we still don’t like our Start menu, we can always recover Windows 7 menu style. To do this, it will only be necessary to open the menu and right-click on each tile and select the unpin option to remove them from the menu. Once this is done with all the tiles, we will get a more classic Start menu again.

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