Seven Deadly Sins – Dragon’s Judgment: the review of the fifth season

Dragon’s Judgment, the first part of the fifth season of The Seven Deadly Sins, was finally made available on Netflix on June 28: we have seen it and we have decided to offer you the review (although we are still waiting to find out when the episodes of the second part of the anime will be released).

Here is the full review of the first part of Dragon’s Judgment, the fifth season of The Seven Deadly Sins

If you still don’t know it and haven’t seen the first 4 seasons yet (do it!) Seven Deadly Sins, is the anime adaptation of the manga series by Nakaba Suzuki, animated, starting from the fourth season, by Studio Deen. Last season focused on members of the Seven Deadly Sins organizing to face the Ten Commandments once again.

With the first 12 episodes released, Dragon’s Judgment instead focuses on the conclusion of the Second Holy War and on exploring the emotions of Meliodas.

The story told this season proceeds on different tracks.

TO Camelot an alliance is formed between the 4 Archangels and the forces of Lionesse, who seek to put an end to the Second Holy War fighting side by side against Zeldris, Chandler, Cusack and the Demons who still haunt the city.

We find again instead Ban where we had left him at the end of the fourth season, or in the depths of Purgatory, intent on seeking the emotions of Meliodas, to bring them back and save him from the inauspicious fate of becoming the next Demon King.

the seven deadly sins 5

Estarossa (who will soon reveal his true identity) meanwhile has gone mad for accepting too many commandments and has kidnapped Elizabeth. The Seven Deadly Sins and the Archangels therefore form two groups: the first aimed at chasing him, the other engaged instead in fighting. Zeldris, Chandler, Cusack to prevent Meliodas from becoming the next King of the Demons.

Without spoiling too much we can surely tell you that, even if the quality of the animations she hasn’t returned to the levels of the first seasons, in Dragon’s Judgment she has however improved a bit. There history it is instead very compelling, original and interesting and that the cliffhanger with which the twelfth episode ends has left us both intrigued and anxious to know how this fifth season will end.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Season 5 is a blend of combat and exploration of the characters’ souls

In writing this review of the fifth season of The Seven Deadly Sins we will try to spoil you as little as possible (and I promise you that I will warn you every time by writing “SPOILER” in bold and capital letters whenever there is some anticipation that could be unpleasant).

The main criticism made by fans of the previous season, by now we know, was linked to the poor quality of the animations proposed by Studio Deen, especially when it came to transposing the fights onto the screen (we ourselves had called the last episode the apotheosis of crap).

With all due respect to our hearts in Dragon’s Judgment the series picks up slightly, at least from the point of view of the storytelling (but perhaps only because we have gotten used to the new graphics by now and are trying to gloss over it a bit?).

As already mentioned, the 12 episodes of the first part follow parallel tracks ready to finally meet in the epic physical and emotional battle that is the heart of the last two episodes of this first part.

Study Deen he really strove for improve the quality of the fights staged, this time we have to say that the action flowed really well, or at least definitely better than what we saw in Wrath of The Gods.

Seven Deadly Sins 5 Review 4


Two of the most exciting fights involve: the first King and one of the key members of the Ten Commandments, the second Zeldris, Cusack and Chandler colliding a little task force of the new Archangels-Deadly Sins alliance.


The emotion and intensity that these fights show was really higher than our expectations (after all, skepticism was a must, remembering what we saw in the fourth season). Now we can even hope that this quality will also be maintained in the second part of the season, which promises to be full of fights.

However, as we have told you in the previous lines of ours review, the fifth season of The Seven Deadly Sins she has been very focused on the emotional part, on the growth and development of the characters and has spared no surprises. The biggest of all is certainly about the true nature of Estarossa (I can’t tell you anything for now because that would be a really too big spoiler), but there is also one that is very closely related to Hawk, the Captain of the Leftovers.

The journey into the emotions of the characters might suggest a gooey plot twist, but that’s not the case

A key aspect of the fifth season of The Seven Deadly Sins it is linked to Ban’s voyage to Purgatory in search of his captain.

It is in this dark place that the anime accompanies us to discover the emotions of Meliodas. While his body accepts several Commandments in order to become the King of the Demons, his emotions wander through Purgatory.

In the scenes set here we breathe all the spiritual dualism that crosses him, the fear and despair of having to become the new King of the Demons gripping him, in the knowledge that it could be the only way to save Elizabeth and put an end to the Holy War.

But then the meeting with Ban (and with a new friend) spurs him to fight again and becomes the Meliodas that fans have always loved, the one who never allowed the darkness, who once controlled him, to take over to save people a he cares most about.

Seven Deadly Sins 5 Review 2

But Meliodas isn’t the only character experiencing major inner conflicts within this season.


In fact, after the battle with Estarossa ended and it was discovered that the same is actually none other than the Archangel Mael (whom we all thought dead) he too rediscovers his true identity and first throws himself against Gowther, guilty of having cast the spell of erasing memory on anyone who knew Mael, and then enter a loop of guilt and desire for redemption.


Finally, even Ban is forced to make a critical choice for the love of the Fairy Elaine.

In short, a first part of the season in which the action, typical of the early seasons, it left a little more space (but not too much) to introspection, making us observe the intricacy “from within” emotional background of the characters and their relationships, completing those pieces of the puzzle that we still lacked and explaining and justifying, for example, the reasons why Zeldris on the one hand he harbored hatred and on the other he was “forced” to show fidelity to his father, because Estarossa he was madly obsessed with the relationship between Meliodas ed Elizabeth, but also the reasons why the apparently fragile Hawk is actually endowed with an uncommon resilience.

The common thread behind all this action is, guess what, love. Love for one’s companions and companions but also devotion to one’s friends.

But be careful, this does not mean that the fifth season of The Seven Deadly Sins has become the draft of one shojo. It is by no means a dull, adolescent story, far from it. This descent into introspection does nothing but better implement the story, making us forget a bit about the half-disaster done by Studio Deen with the fourth season.

Conclusions to our review of the first part of Dragon’s Judgment, the fifth season of Seven Deadly Sins

Concluding therefore we can say that the first part of the fifth season of The Seven Deadly Sins offered a bit of freshness to the story, focusing more on the storytelling emotions of Meliodas. This thing increases even more the level of empathy between the audience and the Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, and pushes us to cheer for him making us hope that he will be able to not become the next. King of the Demons and can achieve his ultimate goal, which is to permanently break the curse that afflicts him and his beloved Elizabeth.

Seven Deadly Sins 5 Review 1

Study Deen it has partially redeemed itself in terms of combat animations and has certainly started a path towards improvement, at least compared to what was seen with the previous production.

The fight scenes and animations, although they do not yet reach the quality level of the first seasons, they have certainly improved and can give fans hope for the future, leaving them on the one hand fascinated and intrigued by the work done, on the other eager to know the epilogue of this season .

So, all in all, now we just have to wait to find out when Netflix will make available the second part, being sure that the conditions for an epic conclusion are all there. We hope not to be disappointed!

te seven deadly sins 5

Season 5 of The Seven Deadly Sins got off to a good start!

The first part of Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment offered a great start to the season focused more on the emotions of Meliodas. Studio Deen partially redeemed itself by improving the quality of combat animations, a sore point in its previous production. Meliodas’ path of redemption leaves one fascinated and bodes well for the rest of the fifth season.


The quality of the fights has improved since Season 4

The introspective journey into the feelings of the characters is interesting


The most cynical might believe that history has taken a slightly gooey turn

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