Several mini-LED display vendors say they are ready for the MacBook Pro

Macbook pro

We have been around for a while when rumors about the arrival of the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, respectively, have been rather rare. In this sense you have to be patient and that is It doesn’t seem like we’re going to see them until after the new iPhone event.

Now some suppliers are indicating that they have mini-LED screens ready for the market launch of these new Macs. Without a doubt, these teams are becoming more and more interesting due to their value for money and having enough product quantity is important for Apple and suppliers.

The shortage of components is also affecting launches in this case and also affects large car factories around the world. All of this must also be noted in technological products such as those of Apple and It seems that MacBook Pros are not exempt from this shortage But the first few batches of product shouldn’t have a problem according to DigiTimes.

It is true that the new Apple devices have the advantage of having many suppliers and all of them or the vast majority in different parts of the world, but this is not a reason to relax in these times. Last year we saw the delay in the launch of the iPhone and in some models it even took a while longer, so it is It is important that the factories and the company continue to work intensively in these months prior to the product’s release.

In this case, as indicated by the aforementioned media, Apple is expected to present a new series of MacBook Pro with mini-LED screen during the month of October or November and Estimated shipments would reach four million units.

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