SF Symbols expands its icon collection

SF Symbols It is a tool widely used by application developers in the Apple environment, but unknown to users who do not program, but which we can use at any given time to “customize” the odd icon on our Mac to our liking.

It is a huge library of Apple designed icons, so that developers can use them in their applications. Luckily, the company allows any user to download and use it, without the need for you to be an official Apple application developer. Now it has been updated by expanding its icon catalog.

At WWDC 2021, Apple introduced a new version of its popular SF Symbols 3 icon catalog, with more than 600 new icons. Following the official launch in September, a new update has now just been released, the SF Symbols 3.1, which not only incorporates some bug fixes, but also adds even more icons to the app, for the use and enjoyment of Apple app developers.

For those unfamiliar with such an application, SF Symbols is a library of more than 3,100 symbols and icons that developers can use in their projects. In addition to 600 new icons, SF Symbols 3 features better color customization and improved support for custom symbols.

It is a huge library with over 3,100 different icons. It is built to seamlessly integrate with San Francisco, the system source for Apple platforms. Symbols come in nine sizes and three scales, and are automatically aligned with the text labels. They can be exported and edited in vector graphics editing tools to freely create custom symbols.

SF Symbols 3.1 can be downloaded from the Apple Developer website. It is available to all users. Only one required Mac with macOS Catalina or later to install SF Symbols 3, and start using its icons.

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