SFR abandons the commitment on its plans, Google Play on Windows 10 and 11, this is the recap ‘

The operator SFR will no longer offer a mobile plan with commitment, Android applications will be downloadable directly from the Play Store from 2022 on Windows 10 and 11, a group of antivax developers created a cryptocurrency indexed on the semen of unvaccinated people, c ‘is the recap’.

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SFR says goodbye to mobile plans with commitment

Until now, to benefit from a non-binding plan, users had to turn to Red by SFR. This is no longer the case since the French operator has decided to abandon its mobile plans with commitment, except for offers that include a smartphone. The Altice group also presented its new tariff schedule of mobile offers without commitment 4G and 5G, of which you will find all the details in our news.

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Google facilitates access to Android applications on Windows from 2022

Using Android apps on Windows was one of the most anticipated features of the new OS by users, but the Amazon AppStore has been rather disappointing so far. Good news, the spokesperson for Google has just announced that ” From 2022, players will be able to enjoy their favorite Google Play games on more devices “. Indeed, Google took advantage of the Game Awards to talk about its Play Store, a native Windows application available both on Windows 10 and 11, which will allow users to switch from one device to another without difficulty.

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Anti-vaxes are getting into cryptocurrency

In the United States, a group of antivax developers called Unvaxxed Sperm has just created a cryptocurrency indexed to the value of the semen of unvaccinated people. The nuBTC token is based on the theory that the Covid-19 vaccine would render sterile and that the value of the sperm and eggs of the unvaccinated should therefore explode in the future. Unvaxxed Sperm does not intend to stop at the launch of nuBTC: the antivax group has for example the creation of a DAO or the launch of a version of Tinder for “purebloods”, and wishes “use this currency to attract people to their anti-vaccine community “.

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