SFR lowers the price of its fiber packages, but increases that of ADSL

On its website, SFR has unveiled the new prices for its Internet subscriptions. The good news is that fiber prices have come down. The bad news is that those of ADSL are on the rise. The operator has indeed upgraded the two types of subscription, as Free has already done before it.

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After the controversy sparked by SFR during the price increase of its mobile offers, the operator’s subscribers will be relieved to learn that, for once, good news awaits them. Indeed, the latter has reassessed the prices of its Internet tariffs downwards, which can be found on its site.

Thus, the Starter box is displayed at €19.99/month, the Power box at €27.99/month and the Premium at €33.99/month. Note, however, that these prices are only valid for the first year of subscription. After 12 months, these will respectively increase to €34.99/month, €39.99/month and €46.99/month.

SFR wants fiber and ADSL to cost the same price

In other words, this is a great opportunity to finally indulge in fiber if you live in an eligible area. Indeed, SFR does not specify whether these new rates also apply to existing subscribers. Nor the reason that pushed him to lower them.

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Indeed, a quick comparison with its offers makes it possible to better understand the approach. If fiber goes down, ADSL goes up. In reality, the two networks are now equivalent in terms of price. Subscribers will pay the same amount with their box, whether they are connected by fiber or ADSL.

SFR is not the first operator to act in this way. Free also upgraded its fiber and ADSL offers before it. It was he who led the way. Orange and Bouygues Telecom, for their part, are still reluctant to do the same. If fiber and ADSL are at the same price the first year, fiber costs more from the second year, from 4 to 5 euros at Orange and from 4 to 9 € at Bouygues Telecom.

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