Shakers uses AI and ML to introduce freelancers to large companies

The platform that connects freelancers with projects in large companies, Shakers, has developed an algorithm that
uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to match the skills of freelancers, their interests and their soft skills with the projects and companies that are looking for profiles to cover specific projects. They are the first to apply this technology to the field of human resources, according to the startups themselves.

It is the first solution that applies PLN models with machine learning to solve the problem ofand the appreciation of talent and its convergence with the needs of specific projects or companies, in real time and from heterogeneous and unstructured data sources. Shakers fills a technological need and innovates by applying AI to the matching of profiles and companies through five specific technical objectives:

  • A layer of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to capture company and user data that favors more accurate matches and model the profile of companies and users.
  • A Supervised Machine Learning algorithm to obtain a compatibility metric between the social, emotional and professional profile of the candidate with the project, and an Unsupervised Machine Learning layer that will be in charge of tracking a pattern of common skills in the profiles of the employees from LinkedIn.
  • The application and development of another layer of Deep Learningtrained with the data accumulated from other matches made and with other profiles of companies and freelancers who have already executed projects.
  • The development of another final layer of speech analysis that identifies and categorizes the user’s communicative abilities, detecting behavioral patterns such as sincerity, state of mind, security or autonomy, which will allow the creation of a talent profile.
  • All this makes up what they call a ‘dynamic matching’ that automatically proposes the ideal profiles for each job, taking into account variables at both the aptitude and attitudinal levels.

“We seek to optimize the talent selection process to work on projects by aligning not only the skills of the professional and the needs of the client, but also the emotional match between the parties, taking into account the values, tastes and personality of the candidates, the company and the work team, seeking an exponential increase in motivation and performance, for the benefit of the client and the worker”explains Héctor Mata, CEO of Shakers.

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