Shaman King: the trailer for Part 2 of the Netflix anime is online

Netflix released the trailer for Part 2 of Shaman King, the new anime adaptation of the shounen manga of the same name Hiroyuki Takei.

The first part of the anime series had landed on Netflix last August 9 with 13 episodes, while the episodes from 14 to 26 will arrive on the catalog of the streaming platform on December 9 to conclude the first season.

The trailer for the next 13 episodes of the new Shaman King anime

The total episodes of Shaman King will be 52, so it is expected that the new adaptation will have a second season also divided into two parts of 13 episodes.

Here’s how Netflix describes the Shaman King story:

The fate of the world is in precarious balance and the medium Yoh Asakura participates in the epic Shaman Fight tournament, competing against other shamans in an attempt to become the all-powerful Shaman King while facing a rival with destructive intent.

The new anime will adapt all 35 tankōbon (volumes) of the new edition of the manga by Hiroyuki Takei, a collection that Kodansha has started publishing in Japan starting from 17 June 2020.

Details and plot of the manga

Shaman King debuted in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1998. The manga ended abruptly in 2004, although a 2009 reissue revealed a “true ending”.

In the world of Shaman King, shamans possess mysterious powers that allow them to connect with gods, spirits and even the dead. Manta Oyamada is about to learn all about them, because his class has just welcomed a new student who has just moved to the city. This is Yoh Asakura, the descendant of an ancient family of shamans.

From an early age Yoh was able to see spirits and, instead of ignoring them or being scared of them, he always tends to befriend us. His greatest desire is to live in peace.

Yoh is in Tokyo to participate in the Shaman Fight, which is a tournament between shamans that takes place every 500 years to elect the Shaman King, the messiah who transforms the great destruction of this world into a great regeneration, joining the Great Spirit and becoming the most powerful shaman on earth.

Recall that in recent months the Final Edition of the original manga has been released with Edizioni Star Comics, a publishing house that had already published Takei’s manga in various editions.


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