Shanghai Disneyland closes due to Covid-19 case; more than 30 thousand visitors are isolated

Visitors to Disneyland in Shanghai moments of anguish passed after a woman who attended the amusement park gave positive to Covid-19, so they had to isolate those who were in the park until they were tested.

It was this Monday when the park announced that it would close its doors because a woman had tested positive for coronavirus the moment he returned home in a Province neighbor, reported the state press quoted by the AFP agency.

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Disneyland announced that they would close their doors on Monday and Tuesday to “follow up on pandemic prevention and control requirements.” So from Sunday, visitors were tested before leaving the amusement park.

About 34,000 people were subjected to a coronavirus test during Sunday and until Monday morning. All Disneyland staff tested negative for the virus and it was reported that no traces of it had been detected at the scene, AFP said.

Measures before the Winter Games

Measures against Covid-19 in Shanghai and other cities in China have been tightened due to the zero-case policy with which they intend to eradicate the virus before the Winter Games to be held in Beijing in early 2022.

In that country there are currently 6 million people confined, mainly to the north of China. In addition, health authorities reported that they will maintain a “strict prohibition of people in confined communities from leaving their homes,” says AFP.

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In Harbin, northeast China, last Sunday two new cases of coronavirus were detected, which caused the inhabitants of two complete residential areas to be confined, in addition to the closure of schools and interprovincial bus links were suspended.

Data of the Johns Hopkins University they point out that until this November 1 China adds 109 thousand 672 cases of Covid-19, as well as 4 thousand 849 deaths due to the virus.


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