Share your Wi-Fi with QR codes: With AVM FRITZ! too easy

To protect your Internet connection you need a strong password. This represents, unless you have disabled the SSID, the only barrier between would-be intruders and your Wi-Fi network, which means if it goes down, you will encounter unwanted guests. Its importance is beyond doubt, but using a strong password implies:

  • That this should be quite long.
  • It must contain letters and symbols, as well as numbers, and must combine lowercase and uppercase.
  • The words that form it should not make sense to each other.

All of the above means that, if we need to share our Wi-Fi network with a guest, we may find ourselves in uncomfortable situations due to the possible difficulty they will have when entering the password. To deal with this problem, we have the ability to create guest networks, but we can also use QR codes.

QR codes allow us to share our Wi-Fi connection in a simple and almost instantaneous way. We just have to show it to our guest, and when you scan it with your smartphone or tablet camera you will be able to connect to our wireless network.

How can I get a QR code to share my Wi-Fi network?

With FRITZ! AVM, and its software ecosystem, is very simple. For example, FRITZ! Box routers come with a sticker on the bottom, and we can also find a QR code using the FRITZ! App WLAN and MyFRITZ! App applications, which are totally free and also represent an important value, since they allow us to access numerous features and functions that will make our lives more easy.

On the other hand, we also have the possibility of accessing a QR code in the menu of our FRITZ! Box router, specifically in the «Wi-Fi» section, which is under «Security». Once there we choose the option “Print information sheet” and voila, we will have all the information of our Wi-Fi network, including the QR code.

Using a QR code is as simple as showing it to our guest and letting him scan it, but what if, when he leaves, we no longer want that QR code to remain valid? Well, it’s very easy, if we change the password of our Wi-Fi network too a new QR code will be generated, which will make the previous one no longer valid.

With other AVM devices, such as the FRITZ! Fon and FRITZ! DECT, we can also display QR codes in a very simple way. This type of code can be, in many cases, a more interesting and effective option than the classic guest network.

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