Sharkoon on the hunt for the perfect keyboard: Kailh, aluminum and RGB

The technology of keyboards designed for games has evolved a lot in recent years, but they are still devices designed to withstand heavy user use and durability sometimes ends up being an issue. With the new Skiller SGK60, Sharkoon intends to cover this by placing special emphasis on the quality of materials and robustness, using a plate of aluminum high-quality and Kailh switches in three different versions. We will tell you everything below.

Although the manufacturer has focused on durability, this is not everything and promises that with the Skiller SGK60, the user will not have a mere mechanical keyboard more but offers a wide range of additional features, such as three types of switches Kailh BOX different, 14 additional caps made of PBT abrasion resistant, and RGB lighting with Edge Light for a spectacular visual level.

Sharkoon’s best keyboard to date

With generous dimensions, this keyboard is designed on a resistant aluminum plate, which together with its switches Kailh BOX (which unlike normal Kailh, are resistant to dust and water) makes the durability of the product beyond question. It incorporates four additional keys (above the number pad) designed for macros and that can be configured, as well as its RGB lighting, using the dedicated and easy-to-use software.

We can choose between three different mechanisms to personalize the pulsation sensation, all of them with a life expectancy of 80 million keystrokes: on the one hand we have the Kailh BOX Red linear type, Kailh BOX Brown with tactile feedback and Kailh BOX White, which have both tactile feedback and click sound. In addition, as we mentioned before, Sharkoon includes 14 additional PBT caps among the accessories of this keyboard so that the user can customize it to their liking.

A particularity of this keyboard is that it incorporates a removable USB-C cable, which allows you to disconnect and connect it with total comfort whenever you want. The cable measures 1.80 meters and is meshed with nylon thread to maximize its durability and resistance. It also has of course game mode (WIN key lock), multimedia keys (with Fn), the possibility of creating macros (not only on its dedicated keys but on any key or combination, thanks to the software), 1,000 Hz polling rate (1ms response time) and N-Key Rollover capacity anti ghosting.

Like its predecessors, the Sharkoon Skiller SGK60 has RGB lighting that is configurable per individual key both from the software and without it, since with the Fn key and the arrow keys you can configure up to 20 different effects that come pre-installed. configured in the keyboard memory. In addition, as we mentioned before, this keyboard also stands out for its lighting. Edge Light, an illumination along the back axis of the keyboard that maximizes the effect of light.

Price and availability

SKG60 keyboard

According to the manufacturer, the new Sharkoon Skiller SGK60 gaming keyboard is now available at a manufacturer’s recommended retail price of 89.90 euros, although for now it is not yet in stores (you know, the manufacturer announces the availability but it does so when it has started shipments to stores and distributors, but it will still take a few days for the products to arrive and the stores add it to your catalog so we can buy it).

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