Sharkoon Skiller SGK50 S4, review: the 60% more versatile keyboard?

For the rest, we are dealing with a 60% compact keyboard model that has practically everything, since although it dispenses with a large number of keys compared to conventional keyboards, we can access any function thanks to the Fn key, which in combination with many others it will make us not miss any function.

By the way, this keyboard doesn’t have software and we can carry out and change each and every one of its functions from the shortcuts on the keyboard itself, including in fact the possibility of recording and executing macros.

External analysis

The Sharkoon Skiller SGK50 S4 keyboard is available in several Kailh switches as mentioned before, and the manufacturer has sent us the most typical of all, the one that comes equipped with Kailh Red, with linear and silent operation. In addition, this keyboard is available in both black and white, and they have sent us a model of each to show you both.

The external packaging, made of hard black cardboard, shows us an image of the keyboard on the main face, accompanied by the brand, the model and its main summarized characteristics.

On the opposite side, what we have is a sketch of the keyboard with its main features in various languages.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

We open the box, in the form of a chest, and the first thing we come across is a complete and detailed instruction manual. Under it, we have a microfiber cloth like the one used to clean screens, but sized to be the same size as the keyboard.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

In addition to the aforementioned, Sharkoon includes a few stickers and a warning card so that we do not make a mistake when we change the mechanical switches of the keyboard.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

Also included is a small plastic bag with a pair of blue keycaps, a cap removal tool and another to help us remove the switches.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

Here you can see the two hoods, which are included almost as an example of a store that sells them, but with the Sharkoon logo, of course.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

And, before seeing the keyboard, we have to see the cable. As we have mentioned before, this cable has a spiral shape, at least in most of its extension, leaving us with a length to spare to reach the PC and that, instead of having a large amount of cable tied or bothering on the table, we have it in that elegant spiral. By the way, the cable connects to the keyboard via USB-C and via conventional USB-A to the PC.

Having seen all the accessories, let’s now see the keyboard. In the following image you can see both models, the black one on the right and the white one on the left, although it is true that, as you can see, it actually has a handful of black keys that contrast a lot with the white and personally we think it looks great.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

We are going to use the white model to continue showing you what this keyboard is like, since it seems to us the most striking of the two. As you can see in the following image, most of the keys have serigraphed in their lower area what secondary action they will carry out when we press them in combination with the Fn key. Thus, if for example we want to use the DELETE key, we will only have to press Fn + the delete key, or if we want to press F1, we will only have to press Fn + 1.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

The font chosen by Sharkoon for this keyboard is quite standard, easy to see and with very understandable and elegant letters.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

Here you can see in a little more detail the right part of the keyboard, where we find several black keys.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

At the back we find nothing except the USB-C female connector for the cable, which would be on the left side of the keyboard. This will be good for users who have the PC case placed on their left, to minimize the space that the cable occupies on the table, but it will be the opposite for those who have it on the right. Right in the center, it would have been better from our point of view.

Nothing to highlight on the sides, as they are completely empty. We do have to mention the fact that the plastic casing, in this case white, covers the switches, which are “sunken” instead of protruding as it happens in many other keyboards.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

Below, we find the usual identification sticker in the center, as well as four anti-slip rubber inserts in the four corners.

This keyboard has lifting feet in two different heights, and both are rubberized, a quality detail that is appreciated.

Finally, we have to show you the switches. As we mentioned at the beginning, Sharkoon has sent us to show you the most common model, with Kailh Red. As you already know, these switches are aesthetically identical to the original Cherry MX and, therefore, are practically universal when it comes to compatibility with different caps. of key.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

Having seen the keyboard, the time has come to test it to see how it works.

Testing the Sharkoon Skiller SGK50 S4

The first thing we are going to try out about this Sharkoon Skiller SGK50 S4 is that ability to change switches on the fly, without even having to disconnect the keyboard. Removing the switches is really very simple with the tweezers included in the accessories, and we just have to make sure to do it gently and vertically upwards so as not to damage the connectors.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

Here you can see one of the Kailh Red switches that we have released.

The next thing to try on this SGK50 S4 is its lighting. In the following image you can see the keyboard connected and turned on, with two 2,200W white light bulbs pointing directly at it. They are lighting conditions that, in reality, nobody normally has (we use them to take the photos), but it helps us to get an idea of ​​the intensity of the keyboard lighting.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

As you can see, you can’t really see the lighting, so it wouldn’t have hurt to have had a little more intensity (with other keyboards it was clearly visible in these same light conditions). However, with normal ambient lighting (in this case, with natural light coming through the window indirectly), it can be seen perfectly.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

In normal light conditions, the truth is that the black color model stands out more than the white one, basically because of the contrast (the colored light on black is seen more than on white).

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

In use, if you are used to a full-size keyboard, we must warn you that you will need some adaptation time, especially when you need to use, for example, the function keys or one of the other keyboard shortcuts; And it is that, as we said at the beginning, in essence this Sharkoon Skiller SGK50 S4 is a keyboard designed more for gaming, where you are not normally using the function keys or the number pad. Once used, the keyboard responds perfectly to all keystrokes, without getting stuck at any time (it has Full N-Key Rollover) and responding instantly.

All in all, the keyboard is quite comfortable, although since it is quite high it would not have hurt if a wrist rest had been included, as it helps reduce fatigue when using the keyboard for many hours at a time. Even without it, we repeat that it is quite comfortable, the keys are pressed smoothly and firmly and do not dance at all, a fact that confirms the good build quality.

Although it does not have software, you will not really need it since all the keyboard options can be configured directly on it. For example, configuring the lighting is very simple since you will only need two keys: one to switch between effects and another for the colors, allowing you to configure the keyboard as you want with practically no limit.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

Speaking of lighting, it is very nice and in normal light conditions, more than sufficient (which is why we do not consider this Sharkoon SGK50 S4 to have insufficient lighting at all, despite being less intense than in other keyboards).


With the Skiller SGK50 S4, Sharkoon has managed to create one of the 60% more complete keyboards on the market today, and with almost unlimited versatility and customization capacity: you can change the switches for whatever you want, as well as the caps , and you can configure everything from macros to lighting as far as your imagination goes without even needing software. The only thing that cannot be done is to configure the lighting by independent key, for which it would be necessary to have a software for it.

Sharkoon SGK50 S4

Details such as the hot-swap of the switches or its spiral cable make this keyboard one of the 60% most interesting models on the market, something that is combined with its excellent quality of materials and construction, its reasonable price and its very good illumination.

For all these reasons, we believe that this Sharkoon Skiller SGK50 S4 deserves our Gold award, as well as our recommendation for its performance and design.

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