Sharkoon will compete on mechanical keyboards 60% with its SGK50 S4

The market for gaming peripherals for PC is quite crowded in recent times, and if a manufacturer wants to stand out above the competition, it has the obligation to present “different” products. So he has done Sharkoon with your new keyboard SKILLER SGK50 S4, the first keyboard 60% from the manufacturer who wants gamers to forget about distractions and have a tool with only the keys they really need to win games.

Some of you may wonder what that “60% keyboard” means, and the answer is very simple: it is a compact keyboard that literally occupies 60% of what a conventional keyboard occupies. This obviously implies that various zones and their keys are dispensed with, such as the numeric pad on the right side and even the function keys (F1-F12) on the top, saving as much space as possible and providing users with a tool for editing. I play more than writing.

SGK50 S4, Sharkoon’s first 60% keyboard

Despite its compact size, Sharkoon hasn’t skimped on features or quality. We are facing a keyboard that, as we have said before, is 60% and therefore of reduced dimensions that is designed to occupy the minimum essential space. Despite this, this keyboard has RGB lighting configurable without the need for software via shortcuts with the Fn key, and can even be record and run macros in a simple way in the same way (allows you to save 2 macros with up to 16 actions each).

From the outset, this Sharkoon SKILLER SGK50 S4 comes with three types of kailh switches: the Red, with linear and silent action, the Brown, with tactile feedback but also linear operation, and the Blue, which have tactile feedback to feel each touch and, in addition, a “clicky” sound to listen to the pulsations as if a mechanical typewriter is involved. All switches have 1.9mm travel to their actuation point and require 50g of force to actuate, with a life expectancy of 70 million keystrokes.

A peculiarity of this keyboard is that it has how swap function, which means that all their switches are interchangeable and, in fact, they are compatible with all the switches on the market with 3 and 5 connection pins. Kailh switches come pre-installed on the keyboard, but Sharkoon also offers 8 sets of Kailh and Gateron brand switches that can be purchased separately, allowing the user to have unrivaled functionality always to their liking.

To finish, we have to highlight another detail that makes this keyboard unique, and it is its spiral cable that also allows you to save a lot of space so as not to have cables through. It has a stretched length of up to 180 cm, but if you have the PC case on the table, this spiral will save you having the cable hanging down because you can stretch it only as much as you need. Of course, it connects to the PC via a single USB 2.0 connector.

Price and availability

The new Sharkoon SKILLER SGK50 S4 and its switch assemblies will be available this month, both on the manufacturer’s website and at the main usual outlets. The SKILLER SGK50 S4 60% Compact Keyboard has a suggested retail price of 69.90 Euros, Meanwhile he Sharkoon Switch Set which features 35 Kailh BOX or Gateron Milky Yellow switches will be priced at 12.90 Euros. A set of Gateron Pro switches will also be sold at a suggested retail price of 9.90 Euros.

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