She catches her boyfriend with another thanks to Alexa’s audio history

Does our society look more and more like an episode of BlackMirror? In recent years, technology has become the main enemy of those who are unfaithful with their partners. With so many cameras and so many microphones around the world, it is quite difficult to control all the variables necessary to maintain a lie. Is tiktoker discovered that her boyfriend was with another thanks to her amazon echo. For that reason, he has made a viral post in which he explains how she discovered it.

Save yourself going through ‘The Island of Temptations’ with Alexa

alexa valentine

There are a thousand ways to discover a well-kept secret, but we could summarize them in two extremes. On the one hand, the humiliating one, which is when everyone finds out about your cuckolding thanks to an Internet viral or some kind of publication on television. In this group would be the recent case of Tamara Falcó a few weeks after her wedding. On the other hand, we would have the Hank Schrader method, which is silent, lonely and not at all humiliating, but makes you feel like an idiot all the same. The latter is what happened to Jessica Lowmanwho discovered that her boyfriend was unfaithful to her while browsing through the alexa options.

Jessica was scrolling through the Alexa app options on her cell phone when she came across the audio history. Normally, we tend to think that the Echo transcribes our voice notes to send them to AWS servers for processing, but the truth is that audio files are not deleted once processed. So much so that you can replay every command you gave Alexa and hear your voice.


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And this was when Jessica Lowman discovered that her boyfriend was with anotheras it turns out that, in mid-September, his Echo had recorded a female voice that was not hers. In the records, in the early hours of the morning, another girl was heard giving voice commands asking Alexa for music. And in the background, she could hear her boyfriend perfectly. Come on, Jessica caught her partner by chance thanks to the Echo. Interestingly, in the comments of the viral TikTok post, there are more people who claim to have caught her partner with someone else thanks to Amazon’s home automation device.

How can you check this history?

alexa recording history

If you did not know the existence of this record and you have become curious, you can consult it by doing the following steps:

  1. open the alexa app on your mobile phone
  2. Go to ‘Plus‘ in the lower right corner.
  3. Go into ‘Exercise‘.
  4. Access the tab ‘voice history‘.
  5. Select the date desired and the devices.
  6. Expand the list and tap on the ‘play‘ to listen to the audio note.
  7. You can delete all history at the top of the screen if you wish.

Alexa’s audio history is not exactly designed to discover infidelities, but it is designed to give feedback to Amazon on whether or not our requests are fulfilled, as well as to keep track of the commands that have been made in our house.

Now you know how to check Alexa’s history. Hopefully you don’t find anything weird.

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