She-Hulk: Disney+ unveils a new trailer and the release date of the Marvel series

She-Hulk is coming to Disney+! A few months before the airing, Marvel lifted the lid on a first trailer and release date for the series. We see in particular the Abomination and the Incredible Hulk.

After WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Hawkeye, Moon Knight and in a few weeks, Miss Marvel, it’s She-Hulk’s turn to enter Disney+. After several months of suspense, Disney+ and Marvel Studios have finally released a first full trailer dedicated to the series. For the record, a short preview had already been released last year.

The promotional footage first divulges the definitive title of the series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (or Avocate in French version), and a new logo. This is already the third logo attached to the project since the announcement.

She-Hulk reveals itself in a humorous trailer

Presented as a comedy sitcom, the Marvel series follows the daily life of Jennifer Walters. A successful lawyer, the young woman is about to head a department dedicated to managing cases related to individuals with superpowers.

Above all, Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner’s cousin, aka the Incredible Hulk. For a reason still unknown, the young lawyer will inherit the powers of her illustrious cousin. His discreet life will then find itself in the limelight. The Jade giant, still played by Mark Ruffalo, will obviously have a central role in the series. Like a mentor, he will help Jennifer control her powers.

Several MCU characters will make an appearance in the series. We see in particular the abomination, the monster inadvertently created by General Ross in the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk. Played by Tim Roth, he is incarcerated in a high security cell at the start of the trailer. Unsurprisingly, the monster eventually escapes.

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Disney+ takes the opportunity to lift the veil on the release date of the series. As planned, She-Hulk Attorney At law will be broadcast from August 17, 2022 on the platform. What do you think of this trailer? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

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