She-Hulk: the Marvel series could be released on August 17, 2022, Disney reveals the date by mistake

Did Disney accidentally leak the release date of She-Hulk? It looks like it since, for a few moments, the latter was posted on its official website. According to Disney itself, the Marvel series would be available from August 17 on the SVOD platform.

It has now been several months since the series she hulk talk about her. After an enticing first trailer aired, fans are still waiting for a sign from Disney regarding its release date. Officially, this has not yet been announced. But unofficially, it may well be that the entertainment giant leaked the valuable information by mistake.

Indeed, on Saturday May 14, the British version of the Disney site posted a FAQ concerning the series to come. Among them, we find She-Hulk therefore, with its release date written in black on white: August 17, 2022. Of course, the information disappeared from the site barely a few hours later, but the damage was already done. In the screenshot below, there is also a short synopsis of the series.

she-hulk release leak
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Disney Reportedly Reveals She-Hulk Release Date

She-Hulk will not be the first Marvel series to be broadcast on Disney+ in 2022. Indeed, Moon Knight was the first to see the light of day on the platform, and will be followed by Ms Marvel on June 8. Secret Invasion is waiting for its release date to be revealed and, until today, this was also the case for She-Hulk. However, it is difficult to say with certainty that the date revealed by Disney is the right one.

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Indeed, the UK version of the site has not yet been updated to take into account the releases of Moon Knight and Shang-Chi. In fact, the paragraph dedicated to She-Hulk could therefore simply be a placeholder while waiting for the real date, which would have been published a little too hastily. That being said, August 17 falls on a Wednesday, in accordance with Disney+’s habits in this area. It is therefore not impossible that it is the true date.

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