She-Ra: live action series in development at Amazon

Apparently Amazon Studios is developing one live action series based on She-Ra. The project is in the early development stage and DreamWorks Animation, who recently took care of the She-Ra animated series which landed on Netflix, will be the executive producer of the series.

Amazon Studios announces the arrival of the She-Ra live action series

Variety, who launched the news, explains that, guess what, this live action version of She-Ra will be a “New story in its own right and will not be linked to the animated show”. Being an Amazon production and not a Netflix production, it’s something we would have taken for granted.

In the original animated series, She-Ra’s real name is Princess Adora, ‚ÄúPrince Adam’s long-lost twin sister, aka He-Man. She was kidnapped as a child by Hordak and taken to the planet Etheria, where she was mentally controlled to serve as Captain of the Horde Force. He-Man eventually helped her break her mind control and gave her the Sword of Protection, which allows her to transform into She-Ra and gives her incredible power. “

The original She-Ra: Princess of Power series ran for two seasons between 1985 and 1986, and nearly a hundred episodes were produced. The Amazon project will be the first time She-Ra comes to life “in flesh and blood”.

Obviously, now the part that intrigues us most of the whole project is the actress who will be chosen to play the role of She-Ra.

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