Shedeur Sanders, the university ambassador for Beats headphones

Apple has always attached great importance to advertising, although it really hardly needs it on devices like the Apple Watch or the iPhone, let alone on Macs. However, in others, it does owe it a lot and that is why it takes so much care of it. Beats headphones need that hype, and he’s always surrounded himself with glittering stars to advertise them. Now he surrounds himself with a fledgling star: Shedeur Sanders the university student.

Apple’s Beats by Dre unit on Wednesday signed an advertising contract with which it is the first star in an NFL future, We talk about Sedeur Sanders, prominent footballer from Jackson State University and son of NFL legend Deion Sanders. Beats announced the union in a tweet welcoming Sanders to the brand family. An attached video sees the University quarterback show up with a pair of Studio Buds and offer some motivational words as he exercises.

It is clear that Beats is not going to be confused in having as a partner this future young man on the rise. He has always resorted to already confirmed NBA stars such as LeBron James, Draymond Green and James Harden. In fact, it is one of the official basketball sponsors in the USA. That is why seeing how the image of an athlete who is still in the University is used says a lot.

It seems that Sedeur Sanders has a very promising future, not only as an NFL player but also in the business world as a personal brand of one of the best-selling devices in the world. Beats is committed to quality so we have quality for a while with this new star.

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