Shenmue: the video preview of the anime series is online

Crunchyroll has released the official preview of Shenmue, the anime based on the SEGA video game series created by Yu Suzuki.

The streaming anime distribution company (which has recently become owned by Sony via Funimation) has also unveiled the release period of the anime adaptation produced in collaboration with Adult Swim.

Video preview and release period of the Shenmue anime

Shenmue, whose new key visual has also been published, will arrive in the catalog in the course of 2022.

Shenmue The Animation, this is the name of the animated series created by Entertainment only, is based on the characters and events of video games and will be divided into 13 episodes.

The direction was entrusted to Chikara Sakurai, who previously directed One-Punch Man 2, while Telecom Animation Film (Tower of God and Lupine III: Part 5) is handling the animation with the involvement of Yu Suzuki himself, who has the role of executive producer and supervisor of the entire project.

Shenmue video games

SEGA debuted the first Shenmue game in 1999 in Japan on Dreamcast, while the following year the title landed in the United States, same as the arrival of Shenmue II in Japan. Originally planned as a trilogy, Shenmue also received (with its second chapter) an Xbox version that landed on the Microsoft console in 2002. Subsequently, in August 2018, SEGA released the collection of Shenmue I & II games in North America and Europe for PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

Shenmue 3 was released in November 2019 for Sony Playstation 4 as the culmination of a triumphant Kickstarter campaign, the most important of the era for a video game.

Shenmue I and II are two action adventure titles set in an open world that combines martial arts combat, investigation, RPG elements and incredible mini-games.

In 1986, young jujutsu practitioner Ryo Hazuki returned to his father’s dojo, Iwao Hazuki, and found himself witnessing his murder at the hands of a Chinese man, Lan Di. He then steals a mysterious artifact known as the Dragon’s Mirror and Ryo vows to avenge his father’s death by tracking down Lan Di.

In the first game of the series, the story begins with Ryo’s journey as he searches for clues about his father’s murder while facing terrible gangsters.

In the sequel, Shenmue II, Ryo’s search continues and he delves into the world of crime to uncover the mysteries of his parent’s mirror of the Dragon.

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