Sherlock Holmes board games: types and opinions

And we start the list with my personal favorite, since it captures very well the essence of Holmes and his cases, as well as making it seem like you’re starring in one of his books.

Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, the closest thing to being in the novel

Holmes Detective Advisor Game

A collaborative deduction gamesimilar to those old book-games that are now becoming fashionable again. The goal is to solve a case using as few clues as possible. For that, we must correctly answer the questions that this case poses, once we believe that we have all the ends tied up.

The game itself is simple, but cases are complex resolving. Using a map of London and a telephone book, we will move through locations in the city, visiting suspects and collecting clues. The book tells us, in each case, what happens when we visit the locations.

The key is solve the case better than Holmes (something practically impossible, I already anticipate it), visiting the suspected minors and possible locations to find out everything that has happened.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the scenarios, once resolved, are no longer replayable, it doesn’t make sense because you know what happened in the crime.

It has several expansions and the original game is already hard to get in Spanish, however, nothing happens. The expansion Jack the Ripper and Adventures in the West End has even better cases and can be played on its own, without the need for the initial game.

Contains the map of London (cooler than the original), the phone book and 10 cases. 4 of them are in campaign mode, that is, they are related. Also, the Jack the Ripper setting gives it a special flavor.

  • Mechanics: deduction and narrative.
  • Game type: cooperative.
  • Players: from 1 to 8.
  • Game time: between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • Age: from 12 years.

Watson and Holmes, recommended for most

If what you like is deduction and solving crimes, in this game we are brought up again 13 cases to solve. These have different difficulty and, in addition, unlike the previous one, it is about a competitive game.

Although the mechanics are always the same and it is made up of two phases: visits and investigation, in each case there are different rules and that gives each game a special flavor. Again, the fact that you know the solutions once the case is solved does not make it replayable.

It is also very immersivealthough the cases are not as deep in their history and details as in Detective Advisor. That also makes it more suitable for integrating players of all kinds, without the need for them to be more veteran or motivated.

Here, instead of a book with cases, we find files, crime letters and even QR codes. This also makes it somewhat lighter and more visually appealing than Detective Advisor.

  • Mechanics: deduction.
  • Game type: competitive.
  • Players: from 2 to 6.
  • Game time: between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • Age: from 12 years.

Sherlock and Mycroft, the right one for quick games

Sherlock and Mycroft game

If you’re passionate about Sherlock, but don’t have a lot of time or players in your party, this is a good choice. In Sherlock and Mycroft we meet with a card game for 2 players and very fastwith half hour games.

In them, we will take the roles of Sherlock Holmes and his brother Mycroft. The two most privileged minds in London face off to find out what is behind the arrest of Michael Chapman.

The mechanics is based on having more points than the rival, making good use of characters and collecting the clues in the proper order. The cards make each game different and The mechanism is very simple. There is no pure deduction here, nor is it that immersive, but it is a good option for a couple of quick games.

  • Mechanics: cards, track collection.
  • Game type: competitive.
  • Players: two.
  • Game time: about 30 minutes.
  • Age: From 10 years.

Mister Jack, the best Holmes game for 2 players

Mr Jack gameMr Jack It puts us in the shoes of Jack the Ripper, who has murdered and must escape through the streets of London taking advantage of the darkness. While one player takes on the role of the mythical assassin, the other leads 4 investigators who must prevent his escape.

In front of those investigators there are, of course, Holmes and Watson. While the Jack the Ripper player must sneak around and escape the board, the investigators player must block that escape.

This is best holmes board game for 2 players, although it does not have his name, where both will face each other in a fun duel of minds. That of the investigators, with Holmes in the lead, to find out where Jack is hidden on the board and discover him. The one that carries the Ripper, so that his movements in the dark are not intercepted and he is arrested.

A personal favorite and highly replayable.

  • Mechanics: deduction and hidden movement.
  • Game type: competitive.
  • Players: two.
  • Game time: about 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Age: from 9 years.

Black Party: Rest in peace, Sherlock, a live role

The most different Holmes game of all is, without a doubt, Black Party: Rest in peace, Holmes. In this case, we do not adopt the role of the most famous researcher of all time, but rather we must find out who killed him.

This is a live role-playing game, ideal for a party of about 6 or 7 people. Each player must play a character, while another, who knows the resolution of the case, will host and direct the game.

Among all, they must solve who has killed Holmes, accusing each other and getting clues. Of course, the player whose turn it is to be the murderer must avoid, as much as possible, being discovered.

If you have a party or event, and you want to surprise people with something different, Rest in peace Sherlock. is the game you are looking for. The rules are simplealthough, yes, for this type of game to succeed, players have to be minimally motivated to play characters.

Although not easy to find in spanish (be careful with the Amazon editions, which are often in German and the game depends on the language), you can still get the latest units of the game in specialized stores, such as Zacatrús.

  • Mechanics: live role and deduction, a party game.
  • Game type: competitive.
  • Players: from 6 to 7.
  • Game time: about 180 minutes.
  • Age: from 14 years old, although adults 18 or older are better.

As you can see, there are Sherlock Holmes board and table game options for all tastes. With them, you can really prove if you are as good as you think when it comes to catching criminals and solving mysteries.

This article contains affiliate links. The Output could get some commission if you buy one of the games that we have shown you. However, the only criterion for the list has been the obsession with board games that has possessed me for too long, and that means that I have tried almost all of them without receiving a salary. No one has influenced anything to appear on this list of the best.

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