Shin Ikki Tousen: announced the anime taken from the battle manga

Shin Ikki Tousen, the battle manga spin-off of Ikki Tousen, will become an anime that will be broadcast on the cable TV channel AT-X Next year.

The battles between the powerful and sexy high school students of the Ikki Tousen franchise created by Yuji Shiozaki who also signed the spin-off.

What is the Ikki Tousen manga about?

The original Ikki Tousen manga, serialized in the magazine Monthly Comic Gum of Wani Books since 2000, focuses on the figure of Hakufu Sonsaku, a high school student who owns a magatama, a magical stone that allows her to channel the spirit of the warrior Sun Ce of the era of the Three Kingdoms of China. Hakafu fights against students from other high schools, each with their own magatama and who embody a different different hero of the era.

The publication of the original manga in 2015 went digital and landed on WEB Comic Gum until August of the same year.

Shiozaki launched Shin Ikki Tousen in Shonengahosha’s Young King Ours magazine in November 2015. Shonen Gahosha released the manga’s fourth volume in March 2020. Another spin-off, titled Shin Ikki Tousen Gaiden, was launched in the new Young King magazine BULL by Shonengahosha in 2018.

In Italy, the original manga Ikki Tousen is published by J-POP Manga which describes the work as follows:

The spirit of the heroes of China of the Three Kingdoms, who dreamed in vain to dominate the entire country, are contained in the Magatama, the curved stones. These stones reached the Rising Sun and spread to different places.

Those who inherit them develop their skills to the maximum and are called ‘fighters’. Their destiny is to fight to be the strongest. Young high school girl Hakufu is also a fighter. What will become of her?

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