Shock over the death of a 10-year-old boy by a dog attack: the police had to shoot him 7 times

The death of a 10-year-old boy caused by a pitbull breed dog caused a commotion in Penryheol in Wales when, according to the police, they dealt with a case reported by neighbors about a defenseless child who was “Trapped in a house and attacked by a dog.”

The pit bull had been sold to the family of the boy identified as Jack Lis by a dog breeder who in the description in the ad to sell the canine had described him as “a beast”, according to information from the British newspaper Daily Star.

When the police arrived at the boy’s home, they found the terrible scene. In order to remove the dog that was on top of the minor, they had to shoot him at point-blank range up to seven times for him to release the infant that he finally lost his life after the attack.

They accuse the owner of the pitbull who sought to get rid of him

In a forum on social networks, the publication of the dog breeder who placed an ad offering to give the dog for adoption was located, in whose message he had a warning:

“Looking to relocate my son, he’s 15 months old and great with people, but unfortunately he doesn’t like other dogs at all”.

The owner of the pitbull assured that he had done everything possible to stay with him, but assured that I couldn’t leave him with the other dogs because of the risk of him attacking them. Later, the dog breeder would find the new dog family in Penryheol.

Family neighbors revealed that shortly after the pit bull arrived, this attacked a cat and a person, Besides that he threatened to attack another child. They added that the dog looked menacing and he had “huge muscles” that protruded from their shoulders when they saw him even before he attacked Jack.

The police are already investigating the owners of this breed of dog to be in the United Kingdom as it is a canine mix between the pitbull terrier and an American bulldog.

“The Gwent Police will take a very firm look at anyone who commits an outright offense of possession of a dangerous breed dog that it is absolutely forbidden to have in the UK”, Sentenced the police.

With information from Daily Star.


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