Shock over the murder of a girl in the US: a policeman shot her but they accused two young people for her death

A eight year old girl call Fanta Bility died after being hit by a bathe coming from the gun of a policeman who tried to stop a shooting between students of two rival schools in Philadelphia; however, a judge determined that they will be two teenagers 16 and 18 years old who they are prosecuted for the murder of the minor.

According to local media, the events occurred on August 27th after a soccer game between Pennsbury and Academy Park High Schools, where they studied Alfredo “AJ” Ford and Hasein Strand; According to official reports, both argued with other colleagues and this unleashed a exchange of shots while the assistants left the stadium.

At the entrance were the Officers John Scanlan III, Devon Smith and a third whose name has not been revealed -the three attached to the Sharon Hill district– who, upon hearing the shooting, reacted and fired at a car that was just turning in front of them, as they believed that the shots were coming from the vehicle.

Nevertheless, in the crossfire five people were hit by bullets, including Fanta. The girl was shot in the back, for which they had to hospitalize her in an emergency, although despite attempts to treat her, died that same day. In the attack, his older sister was also injured but he managed to save himself.

Why do they accuse the young people of the murder if the policeman fired?

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, it was found that the bullet that killed Fanta came from the gun of some officers And, although after the incident the three agents involved in the case were placed on administrative leave but with pay, they will not be tried for the murder of the girl, although their family filed a lawsuit against them for use of deadly forceAlthough the weapon from which of the three the projectile came out is not yet known.

Instead, yes they will be tried Alfredo “AJ” Ford and Hasein Strand, the two young men who supposedly started the fight at the end of the game. “They were trying to kill each other that night and as a direct result a little girl is dead“, the Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer.

Said official explained that “AJ” Ford was arrested last Wednesday, November 10, and will remain without bail due to Fanta’s death, while Strand turned himself in to authorities a day later. The two face charges of murder, but also five for attempted murder, assault and others related to the possession of weapons and are imprisoned in the George W. Hil Correctional Facility.

Although the lawyer for the Bility family told the media that they agreed that both young people be held responsible for the death of the girl, they also they want the police to be investigated Sharon Hill District Attorney for excessive use of force, lack of training, injury and wrongful death, among other charges related to his negligent behavior.

Will be next November 18th when a jury review the whole case and determine if these charges against the uniformed men are justified or not.


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