Should I turn on automatic updates from the Microsoft Store?

If we opt for this second case when we work with a Windows-based computer, we lower universal UWP apps that integrate seamlessly with the system. We must bear in mind that the aforementioned Microsoft Store is one of the elements of the operating system for which the firm most bet from the beginning. However, its acceptance and use has not reached much less than expected at first.

With everything and with this, they have recently made an important change in this element that they have integrated into Windows 11. All in order to win these and users to the official store of the operating system. Despite the rejection of many users, it must be borne in mind that this official store offers us some very interesting features. In addition to the applications that we download from it, they integrate very well into Windows, allowing a lower consumption of resources in most cases.

In turn, it has several configuration functions that allow us to have greater control over this official store. One of the most interesting in this regard is perhaps being able to activate automatic updates of downloaded apps. This is a feature that many may wonder if they should use it or on the contrary leave it disabled, let’s see its advantages.

Let the Microsoft Store update the UWPs

We are used on many occasions to update our programs from the official websites of its developers. In this way, as new versions are launched, the software itself warns us that we must download the most recently launched. As you can imagine, this allows us to have the latest functions developed on our computer, as well as to patch possible vulnerabilities related to security.

However, despite the usefulness of all this, the truth is that, if we work with a good number of programs, these types of updates are somewhat annoying. But this is a drawback that we will not find with the aforementioned Microsoft Store UWPs if we wish. Hence precisely the utility of activating the automatic update function of the programs that we have already installed. It is not difficult to imagine that this will allow us to forget about these types of update tasks forever.

This is something that we can achieve just by opening the official Windows store for example from the system start menu. Next, we click on the button located in the upper right corner that is represented by three horizontal points. From here we will be able to activate the function to which we refer you and thus forget about the updates of the programs downloaded from here.

Of course, in case you want to have more control over this type of automatic movements, you will have the possibility to deactivate the feature.

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