Should Microsoft kill Cortana? What does it bring to Windows

I’m sure many of you have interacted with him. google assistantor with Siri from Apple to carry out queries or open mobile applications. Also, these assistants today are already settling in homes so that we can control lights, appliances and all kinds of connected devices. As Microsoft is one of the great software representatives in the world, it also wanted to enter this market, hence the appearance of the Cortana assistant.

Initially and after his appearance in Windows 10, one of the main objectives of the firm was that users could control the system by voice. At the same time, you could also search online and interact in many other ways with the assistant. However, over time, those from Redmond realized that the acceptance of this assistant in Windows had nothing to do with that of its competition.

Therefore, at this point, many could ask themselves, even more so after the arrival of Windows 11, if Microsoft should kill this project. The truth is that at this point the answer should be yes. Taking into account the usefulness that the Cortana assistant presents us with in 2022, we can say that it is a practically useless tool.

What Cortana can do now in Windows

This is something that the Redmond firm is aware of, so it would not be surprising that soon stop investing money and efforts in your assistant. While a priori this is an assistant that should let us manage Windows with our voice, or search the Internet, this is no longer the case.

In the event that you now want to interact in some way with the Microsoft system assistant, you can only do so with inconsequential elements. If you try to run applications or perform online queries, you will find the message Something went wrong, please try again in a bit.

Cortana bug

However, we can interact with the Windows assistant in a less useful but more entertaining way. Specifically, we mean that we can ask Cortana somewhat personal questions so that she answers us in a funny way. We refer to questions such as what he eats, who is his mother, the meaning of his name, etc. In the same way, and if what we are looking for is have a fun timewe may also ask you to tell us some jokesrecites us some poetryor us sing a song

Cortana questions

In these cases, although sometimes we will receive some really curious and funny answers, the real usefulness of all this is minimal. Therefore, after the general refusal of most users to use the Windows wizard, Microsoft should consider this project finished in future versions of the system.

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