Should you be concerned about the consumption of your laser or ink printer?

Today we are going to analyze ink and laser printers and thus see which one consumes less, since there is quite a difference and depending on your use, you may be more interested in one or the other.

Ink or laser?

The difference between them is notable, especially depending on the use you give it. Each one is designed for a type of person. That is why you do not have to opt for the cheapest or the one you find on sale, since according to you, since it is only for four things, it is worth it. Because in the long run it will cost you more.

I’m sure you’ve bought an ink one, which was on sale at Carrefour for €50 and you thought it was the best option. Then you have realized that an official cartridge is worth almost the same as the entire printer and you have started looking for compatible ones for half the price.

The best option for these types of people is a laser printer. Its price is more expensive than that of ink, however, for people who need it to make photocopies, documents and other sporadic things, its text quality and cartridge life will be much higher, in addition to being cheaper.

Which is more profitable?

I give you an example. An ink printer that has cost you €50 compared to a laser that costs €100.

The ink printer would use a cartridge like this, compared to the laser toner that this other one would have.

Both are products that come with a pack of 2 black cartridges and from a printer within a similar range. The price may vary and may have changed by the time you read this, but the summary in the example will end up being very similar.

The first, the ink one, offers us a yield of 550 pages per cartridge, compared to the 3,000 that the laser toner gives us. That is, each photocopy of an ink printer would cost us €0.017 compared to €0.0036 for a laser, almost 5 times more expensive. In addition to the fact that with a single purchase we would have 6,000 copies instead of 1,100, which makes us spend a long time without worrying about running out of ink.

If you are a person who is going to make 10 impressions a year, you may not end up taking advantage of it, but there will always be a day when you need to make a lot of them and you will remember this, especially since Ink printers are aimed at taking better photos or professional prints, not for text or photocopies that we usually do at home. Besides that the ink evaporates unlike laser ink. So if you do few, for the same reason you should buy toners.

So now you know, saving a few euros on the machine can be more expensive in the long run with its cartridges. I would opt for a laser, which is also much faster than inkwhich can take forever to make several copies, if you need to make dozens, you can spend 10 times longer than with a laser.

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