Show off your streaming with the new Newskill Apholos Pro microphone

According to the manufacturer, the Apholos Pro has been designed to broadcast streams, record instruments, make conferences or even record ASMR with the best sound quality. With an elegant yet striking design thanks to its configurable RGB lighting, this professional microphone has been built in a robust, high-quality chassis that will certainly not go unnoticed in your live broadcasts.

Take your streaming to the next level with the Newskill Apholos Pro

The Apholos Pro has been specifically designed to deliver the best audio performance whatever the activity you need to do with it. According to Newskill, this microphone provides recording studio quality making your voice always heard clean and clear. For this, they have integrated four polar patterns (cardioid, bidirectional, stereo and omnidirectional) that will allow you to configure it every time for what you need, qualifying this microphone as “all-rounder”.

For this, Newskill has integrated a polarity control in the microphone body itself, so that thanks to its dedicated buttons you can select the pattern that best suits you on each occasion. In addition, it also has volume, mute and even lighting control with a single touch of a button, so that accessing all its options is as simple as making a simple gesture.

The design of the microphone is elegant and functional, as it is made using the best quality materials and has a chassis that absorbs the small shocks that you may give on the table during recording (it is mounted on a spider support on the base of the microphone, as you can see in the images). The angle of its integrated stand is adjustable to give you greater comfort of use, and its five selectable lighting effects allow you to give a personal touch to the aesthetics of your streaming setup.

Of course, the Newskill Apoholos Pro connects to the PC via USB, so the installation could not be easier (of course it is plug & play and you do not even need to install drivers to use it in software such as Zoom, Skype, Open Broadcaster Software and many others).

Mic Holder, the perfect complement for your microphone

Newskill Mic Holder

Along with the Apholos Pro, Newskill has also introduced the Mic Holder, a perfect accessory that will allow you to mount the microphone on a movable arm with which you can place the mic in the position you want and move it comfortably. This boom, also made with the best quality materials, can support up to 600 grams of weight and is obviously not only compatible with the Apholos Pro but with any standard anchored microphone. It can be mounted on a maximum 4.8 cm thick table and is capable of rising up to 84 cm in height.

The Apholos Pro and the Mic Holder are now available for pre-purchase in the manufacturer’s online store at a price of 99.95 euros for the microphone and 29.95 euros for the support. Soon we will also be able to find them on Amazon and PcComponentes.

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