Shure MV7, we tested what could be the best mic of the year

Shure MV7, an all-terrain microphone

The quick summary of this Shure MV7 would be that of a very all-terrain microphone that will quickly raise the audio quality in your content regardless of whether it is a video, live or podcasts. Still, there are things that are worth looking at in a little more detail, so let me tell you about their most important specifications and then we talk about the rest.

  • Sleek design inspired by the iconic Shure SM7B
  • Quality construction
  • Dynamic microphone
  • XLR and USB connections
  • Headphone out
  • Simple and powerful software for Windows and Mac to use

A design inspired by an icon, the Shure SM7B

It is not the most important thing, but it is an aspect that those who take care of every last detail will like. The Shure MV7 it’s a microphone with a very elegant design. It is very similar to the popular Shure SM7B, not in vain the brand itself indicates that it is inspired by this iconic microphone that we see today among so many content creators.

The microphone is available in two colors, silver and black. Here it will be a matter of taste, but black is the most elegant in my opinion. Although those letters with Shure’s name take away the sobriety that his older brother does, so to speak.

However, it is a microphone with a aesthetics to which few hits can be put. Plus, whether you mount it as a tabletop mic stand, a mic stand or boom will look just as good. So, if you use it live on Twitch, YouTube or while recording any other type of audiovisual content, you will not have to worry because it will remain as something aesthetic.

In addition to all this, the microphone is made of very good quality material and that is also important. Because if you are going to use it intensively and from one side to the other, thanks to the versatility of its USB connection, it is important that it resists daily jogging well.

And to jot down some quick details:

  • It is placed on a fork that with two screws allows you to quickly fix it as you are most interested
  • Can be worn both above and below the user’s mouth
  • Two USB cables are included in the box, micro USB to USB A and micro USB to USB C
  • The XLR cable would go separately, something that is not a problem because if you have an audio interface you will also have cable

Ready, as I say, a microphone that does not disappoint due to its materials and construction quality.

Wearing experience and ShurePlus Motiv

The operation of the Shure MV7 is very simple even for those who do not have much idea. That is, unlike the Shure SM7B, does not require great knowledge to get a great performance and that is thanks to the application available for Windows and Mac.

With ShureMotiv Plus you can quickly configure the microphone thanks to its automatic settings where all you have to tell it is where you have it placed. That is, if it is above or below the user’s mouth and if it is near or far from it. With this, the mic makes a series of changes in its configuration and allows you to have the best possible quality if you do not have much idea of ​​how each setting affects.

However, if you know how to handle issues of equalization, use of low-pass filters, etc., you have the manual mode where the control will be much greater. And yes, also graphically it allows you to get much more out of it. Although it must be admitted that the way to get the best sound quality will always be through a XLR connection, a good sound interface and working both in it and in the recording program the necessary settings to make it shine much more.

Regarding the controls on the microphone itself, there is little to tell because you only have a touch zone with which you can mute or not the microphone as well as adjust the input levels and audio monitoring.

Finally, as a detail to take into account: the XLR and USB outputs can be used at the same time. That is, whether it is connected to a computer or an audio interface, you can capture two signals. This may be a good idea in order to have an extra copy of the recording. Although remember to use the XLR that in theory should always be the highest definition.

Audio quality

The Shure MV7 is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid pattern. That means it will isolate sounds that are not coming directly from the front very well. Therefore, possible surrounding sounds or reverb will not affect the way it would with condenser microphones.

In my tests and taking into account that via USB it does not require any type of amplifier, the sound quality seems very high. It allows you to capture full-bodied and quite rich voices. Here we must be aware that the tone and timbre of each one affects and hence not everyone does the same microphone equally well, but in general I do not think that any user who is not really an expert in sound and requires solutions of much greater amount is going to hit its performance.

In addition, the ease with which it can be configured as a newbie is what attracts the most attention and is most appreciated. Because whoever starts in these creation of sound content and wants to do with an already high standard, has here their ideal travel companion.

A highly recommended microphone

It is difficult to say that this should be the micro you have to buy if you do not want to waste your money with other options, but there are proposals such as the Samson Q2U that for the price it has is also an option to take into account.

Anyway, the Shure MV7 seems to me such an attractive option for everything that it costs not to get carried away and say yes, if you are going to bet on a good mic, this should be your number one option. The only change I might make to it is the pad. Possibly I would change it for the SM7B so that the explosive letters type B and P do not impact on the recordings if you do not want to use any type of pop filter and speak glued to the mic.

For the rest, although it is not a super economical option, taking into account what some very popular proposals cost like those of Blue Yeti, I think that if they gave me the choice, it would be clear: the Shure MV7 is for me right now the best micro for 250 euros that you can buy. A microphone for many years of use and that you can not only use with your computer, but also with mobile devices such as phones or iPad-type tablets.

In addition, compared to what the Shure SM7B and other accessories cost, this is an option that is much easier and faster to amortize.

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