Sides arrives in Spain to enhance its software for the gastronomic industry

Sides is already operating in Spain. The software company specialized in digitization of the e-commerce and gastronomy sector It has recently been installed in our country.

With an experienced UX/UI team, the company develops a unique suite of all-in-one software solutions for restaurants, restaurant chains, and ghost kitchens (restaurants that do not have a physical space to eat, offering exclusively delivery or delivery services). takeaway) from which customers can place orders.

Sides is a combination of a startup and a traditional company, which develops leading operating systems from start to finish for the gastronomic sector, optimizing its daily internal management and thus allowing a more efficient workplace.

Already in its country of origin, Germany, large franchises such as Burger King or McDonald’s they use this software for some of their internal processes and management, and now Sides arrives in Spain to offer its services to the entire Spanish gastronomic sector.

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The software that revolutionizes the gastronomic sector

Sides was founded in 2014 in Berlin with a clear focus on the automotive sector. food delivery at home. The company has developed solutions for all the internal management processes of the restaurant business, allowing them to shape their market in a self-determined and profitable way; with the aim of saving time for restaurant owners so that they can focus their efforts on offering the best quality services to customers.

The Sides software has functionalities such as the delivery management module and an e-commerce platform where restaurant chains, dark kitchens and restaurants can develop a sales channel, through personalized webshops, where customers can place orders online. In addition, they offer payments in the restaurant and online through Sides’ own payment solutions, always guaranteeing the security and protection of the client.

Internal management

Regarding the internal management of the business, the Sides operating system has interoperable modules such as kitchen management, inventory management and supplier management to facilitate daily, tedious and repetitive tasks, both for restaurant owners and to the employees. In addition, franchise restaurants benefit from the digitization of all personnel processes through the implementation of solutions for employee and franchise management.

On the other hand, the software can also help restaurants with their marketing and sales initiatives through loyalty programs. Sides certified cloud-based point of sale (POS) system and software help restaurant owners to track their sales live and monitor processes even when they are not physically in the store or restaurant .

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