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The cloud it is now fully integrated into our labor market. Storage, security, software or applications coexist in cloud environments where SMEs are beginning to enter thanks to the evangelization work of the partners. However, where are we? What are the challenges that SMEs face? What are the solutions in the market and what is the business opportunity that the channel has? …

From MuyPymes and MuyCanal we want to solve all these questions in a new webinar that will take place October 26, at 10:00 (Spanish time). In the event we will have the participation of Pedro Barranquero, Product & Marketing Manager at QNAP; Jose Maria Prian, Director of Business Development at LCRcom; Jacobo Sánchez Maulini, Software & Cloud Senior Manager at Tech Data and Carlos Mateo, Spokesperson for AES (Spanish Association of Startups).

During the conference, the experts will explain why the implementation of cloud services is much more common in large companies (62.1%), than in medium-sized (42.6%) or small (24.4%) companies (data of ONTSI –, why 71% of Spanish companies have increased or maintained investment in cloud computing during 2020 (Deloitte), among other issues related to the cloud.

Do not forget that the cloud computing is a hot topic for some years. Although it was difficult for smaller companies to trust this technology, there is no doubt that they have succumbed to its benefits. In fact, according to data from the IDC consultancy, spending on public cloud will reach 2,050 million euros in Spain by the end of 2021.

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The cloud and the different business tools

As we already know, cloud computing applies to all business tools: management software, storage, security, communications, etc … For small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, this diversity can cause an additional complexity when approaching a strategy in the cloud. The partners They play an essential role here in untangling this skein of information, studying the needs of their customers and implementing the technologies they need.

For years, this implementation process has been increasing in Spanish SMEs, but Do we know exactly what the situation is in 2021? The businesses that have opted the most for the cloud since the beginning have been startups, therefore, the AES spokesperson will put us in context about why, how and what have been the advantages of creating a company under the foundations of technologies such as cloud.

You cannot miss this webinar If you have an SME, you work in IT or you are part of the distribution channel. You will be able to ask direct questions to our speakers and resolve all the doubts you may have.

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