Signaturit bets on its marketplace with the main technological solutions

The Spanish legaltech Signaturit has just launched its marketplace to provide its end users with access to a wide range of solutions that allow them to improve their daily processes and their interconnections with the different programs of software What do they use.

Divided into three very different categories, Signaturit users will be able to choose between the different programs of softwarethat integrate electronic signature solutions and certified delivery, plugin and connectors, or their integrator partners specialized in implementing custom projects.

Through this tool, the firm reinforces its commitment to innovation, the excellence of its services and its system of partnershipgiving visibility to the digital solutions of its partners.

Furthermore, the forecast is that the number of integrated companies will continue to grow constantly as a result of the numerous incorporations of new partners that Signaturit plans to make in the coming months and that they will be added to the marketplace as they join the firm.

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This launch comes after the technology company redefined its partner program in 2021 with a special focus on optimizing its current alliances to increase the clients and benefits of the companies with which it already collaborates, and be able to increase its network by adding new additions.

Accordingly, in the last yearhas increased its number of partners by 55%counting today with more than 140 internationally, among which, in Spain, Lefebvre, Grupo BC, Ibermática, MPM Insurance, Factorial, Tech-Value, Servinform and SquarePoint stand out.

Sales increase by 32%

In addition, it has increased the sales of its current partners by 32% and has obtained 62% more income than in 2020 through its channel of partners.

In the words of Beatriz Cabrera, Vice President of Partners and Global Alliances, “In 2022, Signaturit will continue to be firmly committed to partners. The success achieved during the past year shows that the formula we are working with works and, in this line, we are going to continue this new year. Tools such as the ‘marketplace’ developed will allow us to provide more added value to the end user through these present and future alliances with key players, to facilitate connections in their day to day, exponentially increasing the efficiency of their company”.

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