Signaturit incorporates three new female talents to its management team

The electronic signature services firm, Signaturit, consolidates its growth with three new additions to its management team. They are Beatriz Cabrera, new vice president of Global Partners and Alliances, Alexandra Lung, as vice president of Product, and Ainara Ayala, new vice president of the Customer Success department.

After its merger with Ivnosys and the incorporation of the French Universign, the technology company specialized in trust services for electronic signatures, certified electronic delivery of documents and user identification, Signaturit continues to strengthen its growth.

For this, it is committed to the incorporation of three new talents to its management team, with extensive experience in the technological and business field, with an eye to consolidating this stage of success and continuing to evolve. The company trusts that these new incorporations will not only boost its commercial results but also reinforce customer relationship.

In the words of Sergio Ruiz, Signaturit’s new co-CEO, these three additions are one more step in the company’s strong growth since “Thanks to the extensive experience of these three professionals, Signaturit will further consolidate itself as a leading company in electronic signature and qualified trust services”.

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Signaturit bets on talent to grow

One of the new managers of the management team is Beatriz Cabrera, who will be the new vice president of Global Partners and Alliances. Telecommunications Engineer from Ramon Llull University and MBA from Manhattan College, she is well known in the IT distribution channel after more than 30 years working in software multinationals, such as Sage or CA, in which she has developed work on growth. from the partner channel.

Together with Cabrera, Alexandra lung Joins Signaturit’s management team as the new Vice President of Product. The new manager has received great recognition as part of rankings such as the Top 25 of influencers of Product by PLA 2021, Elite Business Women to Watch in 2019, and the Top Women in Product Europe in 2018. From her new position as Vice President of Product, she will be in charge of training the company’s product teams to apply the best methodologies to build a successful brand and will make available to the staff his extensive knowledge in defining product strategies.

And the third and last addition to Signaturit’s management team is Ainara Ayala, who will assume the functions of vice-presidency of Customer Success. It is a key department for the company that seeks to continue driving its growth through customer success. To do this, he will take the leadership of strategy and operations of the company to develop programs for continuous improvement of processes, the implementation of new products and business transformation.

The firm is committed to this professional trained at the Carlos III University of Madrid and the Beijing University of Economics and International Business, who has more than 15 years of experience in companies such as Accenture, DirectLine and Cigna.

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