Signaturit is the only company in the FT1000 ranking specialized in electronic signature services

Height growth experienced by the legaltech Signaturit, specialized in services and management of digital transactions. The company, based in Valencia, is crowned as the only Spanish company in the tech sector to appear for the fourth consecutive year in the FT1000 ranking.

A ranking prepared by the prestigious data provider Statista that lists which companies from the old continent have achieved the highest annual revenue growth between the years 2018 and 2021. This must be at least 36.2%. In the case of Signaturit, absolute growth has stood at 347.8% and annual growth at an outstanding 64.8%, almost doubling said minimum fee required.

In this ranking, among the thousand classified companies, up to 38 Spanish companies have managed to find their place, being Signaturit the fourth and in the European group the 89. A prominent position among the fastest growing in the IT and software sector, in addition to being the only company in the classification specialized in electronic signature services.

“Appearing for the fourth consecutive year in the European FT1000 ranking places us on the map of the most disruptive companies in Europe. It also means confirmation of our leadership within the framework of our internationalization strategy. The inclusion in this index is not only a source of pride for us, but it is a clear impulse to continue growing and increasing our catalog of digital solutions for the greatest number of organizations possible”, declared Sergio Ruiz, president of the Signaturit Group and CEO of Signaturit Spain

Despite the economic uncertainty of the past year, Signaturit has been able to maintain its growth during the last four years. Since its invoicing in 2013, Signaturit has managed to incorporate 245,000 clients, 458,330 users and clients from all sectors and sizes such as Cepsa, Deloitte, Meliá Hotels, PwC, Alcampo and Iberdrola into its portfolio.

Featured on the FT1000 List

UK-based Tripledot Studio tops FT1000 list of companies fastest growing in Europe, with a CAGR of 794.7%. Launched in 2017, it is one of seven companies in the leisure and entertainment category of the ranking, dominated once again by IT and software companies.

Marshmallow, a UK insurance technology company, comes in second with a CAGR of 659.8%, while Italian lithium battery maker WeCo comes in third with a CAGR of 433.1%. . The growth rates achieved by these two companies demonstrate the boom in the digitization of the finance sector and the move away from fossil fuels.

In this year’s FT1000 ranking, 356 of the companies featured also ranked last year, and 125 have been on the list for three consecutive years. Although the UK is home to four of the top five groups in the ranking, it is still the third most represented country with 155 fast-growing companies, behind Italy, with 260, and Germany with 217.

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