SilverHawks: The Silver Hawks are ready to return!

As has happened with other classic cartoons of the 80s, so is the series SilverHawks will soon see its return to the small screen with an all-new animated series dedicated to the Silver Hawks.

The Nacelle Company, series producer for Disney + and Netflix, has announced a partnership with SilverHawks LLC to resurrect the iconic animated show.

The formidable SilverHawks will also return in a revamped version

For those who grew up on bread and Thundercats, knowing all the episodes of Transformers G1 or fighting together with the 5 lions of Voltron, the news of a reboot of the SilverHawks series could be the best of the day.

Thanks to the partnership between Nacelle Company, producer of shows for Disney + and Netflix, e SilverHawks LLC, the famous cartoon of the 80s will return in a modern version, always based on the adventures of the Silver Hawks.

The original series SilverHawks, developed by Rankin / Bass Productions, dates back to 1986 and consisted of 65 total episodes. The story followed the adventures of a group of heroes “partly metal, partly human”, who fought against the evil Mon * Star, hired by a bionic cop named Commander Stargazer.

Following the success of the Thundercats, this series was created, which had many similarities with its “feline” counterpart. Among these we find the group consisting of 5 heroes, special powers to defeat opponents and an enemy capable of transforming into a very powerful creature and, in this case, also armored.

As in the case of Voltron, it will be interesting to see the return of a classic series in a completely new guise, to relaunch a very popular brand in the late 1980s.

Already earlier this year Super7 had announced a new line of ReAction characters dedicated to SilverHawks. Super7 founder Brian Flynn said:

SilverHawks is a beloved franchise that has been neglected for far too long. We are thrilled to be working with Nacelle to bring SilverHawks back into the spotlight, for both longtime fans and new generations, who will see the SilverHawks for the first time.

For a “return to the past”, we also insert the historical theme of the cartoon, hoping to have news about the new series coming soon.

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